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Apr 1, 2007 06:42 AM

Atlanta downtown

We will be in Atlanta for volleyball tourney at Ga World Congress center.
Teen girls appetites maybe a chance for an adult meal or two.
Will take MARTA but could get car for a day
Have read about the Varsity, Rosa Pizza, Nan, MF Sushi, Flying Biscuit, Ted's Montana Grill, The Globe Fleur de Lys, Dania's Gourmet, Pacific Rim Bistro, Ray's in the City,
Slice, Rathbun's , Baronda---
What would Chowhounds recommend?

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  1. LOVE SLICE- the food is amazing, the service is slack and the atmosphere is scary.

    Baronda is excellent. The Varsity is a don't miss. Pac Rim is a miss, Ray's in the City has excellent seafood, Ted's has great burgers. You can miss the Flying Biscuit.

    1. depends on the price you want....Rays...not so cheap...if you can get an adult meal and it will just be you and another adult...maybe 4 ppl tops..I would reccommend either Bone's (one of the best strak houses in the south) or Chima (brailian steak house) both are GREAT, but are a little costly...if not then google Buckhead life restaruant groups and there are several great places to eat there...
      For the grils I would reccommend the Varsity, it is a must for college/high school aged folks.