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Apr 1, 2007 06:05 AM


any good recommendations for vietnamese in Queens?

thanks, cs

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  1. Since it's nearby, I frequent THAI SON at 40-10 74th St (across from 74th St Station) in Jackson Heights. I only order the PHO which I've been pleased with. This place has in addition to the variety of meats in the soups a Beef Soup with Grilled Pork Chop or Grilled Chicken on the side. I always order one of these but you can choose 18 others for a total of 20 different PHO's. For those with a large appetite #1 Xe Lua is an extra large bowl with 6 different meats at just $5.25. Complimentary and very good Tea is served. Nice atmosphere and very attentive and friendly waitstaff. The Vietnamese Sandwiches have received good reviews at just $3.50. This place is worth a visit.

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      I don't have much experience with Vietnamese food, but really enjoyed it the few times I had tried it (at this point I may have eaten vietnamese food a total of ten times). The only thing was I could not understand what the big deal about Pho was until I tried it at Thai Son. The broth was really flavorful and delicious. Now, regardless of what else I want to order, I feel like I need to order a bowl of the Pho everytime I go there. I also like it with the grilled pork chop on the side. Most of the other dishes I have had there have been very good as well. I am looking forward to trying the vietnamese sandwich soon.
      Also agree with you about the waitstaff. Very nice folks.

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        I returned yesterday and decided I wanted something different than the usual PHO. I ordered Pho Bo Kho (#16b in the take out menu). Its stewed Beef Cubes & Tendon with the rice noodles in beef soup. It was incredibly good. Lots of tender meat. With beef stew added it took on a different taste and texture so it's not going to taste like regular PHO. I'm a big fan of beef stew so this was a great treat. The waiter suggested that in the future I consider Banh Mi Bo Kho or Stewed Beef Cubes with French Bread for dipping. They heat the bread in a toaster oven that's behind the counter. Someone at the next table was dining on a platter of Vietnamese Steak with Salad that looked so good (Bo Bit Tet). They make a nice Lemonade.

        1. re: Mike V

          that all sounds great. i cannot wait to go back there. another thing i really like about thai son is that it really seems to be clean.....a big point in its favor as far as i am concerned.

    2. I enjoy the pho and most everything I've tried at Pho Banc on Broadway in Elmhurst. I always doctor my broth up with the mint, bean sprouts and lemon plus the sweet sauce and some pepper sauce. By the time i get finished with it, I love it. I've never really eaten it all by itself. I also love the grilled pork with peanuts, pickled onions, cucumbers and vermicelli that you roll in lettuce leaves and dip in the dip with the grated carrots. I can't remember the name. It's an appetizer, but I sometimes make it my main course when I go there. A lot of people like Pho Bac better (It's in the back of the shopping center. Pho Banc is at the front of the parking lot.) But I haven't found anything not to like about this one, and the windows are nice.

      1. Pho Bac is a great one, its in the back of that large shopping plaza near the Elmhurst subway stop on the R, G and V. Great pho, great spring rolls, don't order the sandwiches tho.

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          This may explain why I like Pho Banc better. The times I went to Pho Bac, I think I ordered Pho, and Banh Mi. And since that's the only time I ever ordered Banh Mi, I never understood what the big deal was.

          1. re: JH Jill

            oh ya, their banh mi sucks. I don't know of a good queens one unfortunately, I only know the ones in manhattan's chinatown. But, I definitely like the rest of Pho Bac's dishes; their fried calamari is good too. and, they are open until 11pm I think, which is nice.

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              do any of these pho places have broth that is not made from beef? I've been able to find non-beef broth in pretty much every city I've lived in except New York. thanks!

              1. re: chompchomp

                Thai Son has 5 large bowls of soups not made from beef. Its under CANH. Three seafood, one chicken and one vegetable with bean curd.

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                  ya pho bac should have a chicken broth, not sure about the other ones tho.