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Apr 1, 2007 06:03 AM

BBQ in Southern CT?

a few months ago, maybe a year+ i saw a special on the Food Ntwk about a BBQ place in New Cannan, New Haven or some place in southern CT. it looked good. this guy quit his job, took out loans, inverstors, poured his soul into it- his wife/family supported the venture, yadda yadda yadda. i wanted to go, but never made it....

anyone heard of it?

thx. cs

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  1. Was it Joe Grate's? If so it is on Dixwell Ave in Hamden.

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    1. re: mels

      Joe retired a few years back I believe

      1. re: Jestner

        AFAIK, Joe Grate still has a stand at the NHC Cutters games. When we were there last year, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    2. No good Q in New Canaan, unfortunately

      1. Uncle Willies in New Haven on Whalley Ave and in Waterbury?
        Ok IMHO not great.

        1. Could've been Jeff's Cusine in Norwalk (I know he was featured on Al Roker's show) It's take out/catering...but it is amazing!

          Or Ash Creek in Norwalk? Smokey Joe's in Stamford?

          those are the only Q places in Southern, CT I know of.

          1. I saw the same show. I am 99% positive that the place is in Westport, although the name eludes me.

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            1. re: lsnhc

              You're thinking about Bobby Q's, which is on Main St. in Westport.......(old Onion Alley space). Solid ribs.

              1. re: Mopsik

                Oh no they didn't! Did they really have to name a barbecue place with such a cutesy name? Major points off.