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Apr 1, 2007 02:02 AM

chinese take out boxes

does anyone know where I can find/purchase a large amount of the chinese take-out boxes to use at a party for food? I have gone to smart & final and only have found the 32oz at the largest but need the 64oz containers which i've found online but nowhere else. i've heard of restaurant supply palces in dowtown la and the other areas but if anyone has a definite place to find these, it would help immensely!

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  1. I've seen these at Surfa's Restaurant Supply in Culver City, but you could probably just as easily buy some from your local Chinese restaurant if you throw enough bills their way.

    1. 64oz is huge, never seen those in a store. One place might have them LAXC or LAX-C north of Chinatown. Wait there is also a place behind Nick's Cafe's parking lot that is a Chinese Cash & Carry. Good luck.

      1. Canton Food Company...the Chinese Costco.
        Located on Alameda and 7th Street. They have several different sizes in the bulk size packaging you're looking for. Cash and carry you don't need a membership.

        Call them and see if they have the 64 ounce size. That's a pretty big size and I believe most places use that tray type of container when they need to package something that large. But if someone has it they would, they carry all different sizes in large quantitites. Maybe they'd order them specially for you from their supplier who probably makes them that size.

        They're open 7 days a week at 8am (Sundays 8am-1pm).

        Canton Food Company
        750 S Alameda St
        Los Angeles, CA 90021

        (213) 688-7707

        1. My friend did the same thing for her engagement party. Instead of dishes, she used various sizes of take out boxes, so everyone was eating straight out of their own containers. It was actually nice and easy to walk around with a box and chopsticks, but we needed a third hand/arm for our drinks, LOL. Have fun!

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            thank you very much for all the feedback and tips!

          2. I don't know if you're looking for a particular look, but for different colored ones, Michaels has a pretty nice selection. They're more expensive than the ones from a restaurant supply store, but they may look nicer if you don't want plain white.

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              the restaurant supply stores carry more than the plain white also. another fyi... The Container Store too

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                Hello. This is an old subject but I wanted to let everyone know where I ended up buying the boxes.

                First, I went to the Canton Food Company and the boxes there had the red pagoda printed on the boxes and I was looking for the plain boxes. No problem because I was able to see everything else Canton Food Company had to offer and it was awesome.

                I ended up buying the boxes from ULine, a huge shipping company. A case of 50 was $28 and I was able to pick it up in only a few hours from the Lake Forest (Orange County) location since I coincidentally live in the same area. I could have bought them for cheaper from I could not pick them up with them being in Pittsburgh.

                Ok. That's it.

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                  I've seen decorative ones at Vine American Party Store on Melrose.