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Apr 1, 2007 01:19 AM

Moving! Rochester hills, MI

So? Anyone have good food recs for the area? I know about the Whole Foods and TJs nearby. I'm also interested in food recs in metro detroit. Thanks!

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  1. You can also try Busch's ( at Walton Blvd. and Adams Rd. in RH and Nino Salvaggio's ( on Rochester Rd. and South Blvd. in Troy.

    1. i shop at nino's every weekend. reasonable prices, good quality produce, good meat/fish/deli counters, decent bakery, nice cheese selection (though not as deep or ecclectic as whole foods), a small grocery with many ethnic selections, a small wine section, and a large fresh flower/garden department.

      there is also a new "fresh market" at rochester & hamlin. i have not been to this one yet.

      coming soon to rochester & tienkin will be a new "papa joe's." they are developing the whole center which will have a restaurant and banquet facilities. the store will be similar to their birmingham store. very broad and deep wine selection and grocery. nice produce/meat/fish/deli. little more pricey than the rest. the new store has a license to sell wine by the glass while you shop - a fantastic idea (as long as you can manage the glass while picking produce and driving the cart.

      also kust opened: the plum market. opened by the jonna family. they were at the forefront of the upscale markt/grocery store in detroit with their small chain of merchant of vino stores. seven years ago, whole foods bought them for a handsome price to give them presence in detroit and more important, to get the jonna's wine business expertise for the entire whole foods chain. here is a good read:

      in macomb county (25 mile and hayes or schoenherr), my mom is a big "vince & joe's" shopper.

      westborn markets are also decent but they are not up in the rochester area. ferndale, dearborn, livonia, etc.

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      1. re: xman887

        "the new store has a license to sell wine by the glass while you shop - a fantastic idea (as long as you can manage the glass while picking produce and driving the cart."

        THIS is the coolest thing I've ever heard! I will definitely check out Nino's. I love places ilke that, and WF is a little pricey for me.

        1. re: xman887

          Does anyone know if the new Papa Joe's is opened yet? I read late March/April in an article online a month or so ago. I think it was in the Oakland Press. We're also moving to the area and I can't wait to find "my" grocery store to complement TJ's. I'd love to hear about the Fresh Market if anyone's shopped there too.


          1. re: kellycolorado

            drove by the new store last week. not open yet. not sure when, though, but it should be soon.

            1. re: kellycolorado

              I'm exactly the same way--can't wait to get settled and figure out where I'll do my food shopping! LOL never mind the job, hah.

              1. re: IndyGirl


                I just spent way too much at Trader Joe's tonight and we're only in temp housing at the hotel this week. I'll be driving by Papa Joe's next week to see what's up...

              2. re: kellycolorado

                Fresh Market is a chain out of North Carolina (I think); pricewise, it's about on a par with Nino's or Papa Joe's. They've got a big selection of bulk candy/nuts/trail mixes (toffee chocolate-covered pretzels,yum!), and a few things I haven't seen at other local stores (Peet's coffee), plus lots of their own house-branded items. Everything I've gotten so far from their to-go stuff (soups, sandwiches, bakery) has been good. I'd give an edge to Nino's in produce for breadth of selection and price, but I usually go to whichever one I'm passing. Busch's is probably my favorite "conventional" supermarket, especially handy since it's across the parking lot from TJ's.
                FYI, the Vince & Joe's is at 25 Mile and Van Dyke, not that far from Rochester (Tienken Rd = 25 Mile Rd), and there's also a much bigger Nino's on Hall Rd (M-59) east of Garfield (approx 10 miles E of Rochester Rd). Happy shopping!

            2. Thanks, everyone. I am just thrilled at the prospect of so many great food shops!

              Now--on to restaurants! Anyone have any good ones within a half hour or so? Of course on the weekends I'll be more interested in driving into the city proper.

              1. Welcome to the Neighborhood! I live with in walking distance to the TJs. Across the street from TJ's, in "The Village" shopping mall is Kruese & Muers restauarant. One of my favorite places to eat. They have excellent pasta and seafood dishes. The BREAD ...OMG! You must try this place at least once. They also have a location on Main Street which is bigger. At "The Village" there is a Mitchells Seafood Market which is a new location. I have not been there yet, but I heard it was good.

                On Main street there is the K&M I just mentioned. Also, the same people own the Rochester Chophouse which is more of a steak house I believe. The front part of the Chophouse is Kabin Kruesers. Excellent seafood place and oyster bar! The keylime dressing on their house salad is awesome! On Squirrel Road (which is on the west side of Oakland University) there are a line of chain restaurants my favorite being Macaroni Grill. They have remarkably good Italian food. (being Italian I am pickey in that area). In that same area, there is Buddy's Pizza which is excellent deep dish style pizza that has won many awards in the area. On Rochester Road near Avon there is Anontious Pizza which we just discovered. A tiny little bar with great pizza.

                Ok....last but not least. Take a trip south about 20 minutes or so to the city of Royal Oak. It is a cute trendy area with some great places to shop and eat. My all time favorite is Bastone on main street. They have the best pomme frites! Everything on their menu is excellent and not over priced. I also enjoy their pomegranate Martini and mouth watering desserts. Next to Bastone is Cafe Habana, an excellent Cuban restaurant that also serves breakfast.

       more little gem...on Main street in Rochester there is a tiny breakfast place called Downtown Cafe. Best breakfast in meto detroit in my opinion! You might have to wait for a table, but it's worth it!

                Have fun! I hope you enjoy everyone's suggestions!

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                1. re: thatgirl153

                  Welcome to Motown IndyGirl!
                  A few suggestions for you...

                  Matt’s Favorite Metro Detroit Pizza Joints
                  The Alibi (Troy) - the absolute best pizza!
                  Louis’ Pizza (Hazel Park)
                  Como’s (Ferndale)
                  Capri Bakery (Dearborn)
                  Dearborn Italian Bakery
                  Green Lantern (Hazel Park)
                  Peecher’s (Dearborn)
                  Anthony’s Pizza (Waterford)
                  Buddy’s (Detroit)

                  Matt’s Favorite Burger Joints
                  Miller’s Bar (Dearborn)
                  Red Coat Tavern (Royal Oak)
                  Checker Bar (Detroit)
                  Meat Cutters Inn (Detroit)
                  Tunnel Bar-B-Que (Windsor)
                  Geneva’s & Telway (Detroit)
                  Kavan’s (Roseville)
                  Martin’s Nest (Auburn Hills)

                  Matt’s Favorite Metro Detroit Breakfast Joints
                  Janet’s Lunch (Grosse Pointe Park)
                  Tunnel Bar-B-Q (Windsor)
                  The Whitney - Sun brunch (Detroit)
                  Clique (Detroit)
                  The Pantry (Sterling Heights)
                  Orig Pancake House (Grosse Pointe Woods)
                  Stuffed Bunn (Pontiac)
                  Zef’s (Detroit - Eastern Market)

                  Matt’s Favorite Metro Detroit Italian Restaurants
                  [1] The Cook’s Shop (Windsor)
                  [2] Bucci (Grosse Pointe Woods)
                  [3] Luciano’s (Clinton Township)
                  [4] Spago Trattoria (Windsor)
                  [5] Giovanni’s (Detroit)
                  [6] Andiamo Trattoria (GP Woods)
                  [7] Mario’s (Detroit)
                  [8] Salvatori Scallopini (Birmingham)

                  Matt’s Favorite Metro Detroit Lebanese Restaurants
                  [1] Cedarland (Dearborn)
                  [2] New Yasman Bakery (Dearborn)
                  [3] Ike’s (Sterling Heights)
                  [4] Tahlal’s (Dearborn)
                  [5] Al Ahmeer (Dearborn)
                  [6] Steve’s Backroom (Harper Woods)

                  1. re: Wegie

                    Ooops, in my insomniatic state I forgot to say that you MUST do the Polish Village Cafe in Hamtramck. Make sure to try the dill pickle soup, cucumbers in sour cream and the City Chicken. Try a bottle of the Dolidy beer with it. After dinner walk across the parking lot to Suzy's Bar to learn the neighborhood gossip and make some new friends.

                    Oh yeah, for great coney island hot dogs try Lipuma's in downtown Rochester. Also make sure to hit Lafayette Coney Island in Detroit.

                    You are going to eat much healthier up here!

                    1. re: Wegie

                      these are great, thanks!!

                      One thing--I am a vegetarian. A really laid-back one. I don't mind chicken stock for instance--and I eat eggs and dairy. thoughts on where I could get a reliable selection of things to choose from?

                      Also, are there some really terrific thai, vietnamese, japanese restaurants around? (I'm sure there are--but what are they? anyone?)

                      1. re: IndyGirl

                        I love the Thai Inn on Rochester Rd near Avon. It's in a plaza tucked back in the corner and I bit hard to spot. It burned down a few years back and it took so long for them to open again! It's one of my favorite Thai places.

                        I would still reccommend Kruse & Muers for vegetarian. Their pasta dishes are excellent.

                        1. re: thatgirl153

                          Allow me to heartily agree with this, even though I don't live there. My mostly veggie SO does eat seafood on occasion and did eat a pasta dish with seafood during our visit last week, but Kruse & Muer in the Village is the sort of place I wish I had around the corner from me. Okay, if you're not gonna eat fish the pasta menu will probably get old for you fast (they can probably make some of the others without the animal protein, but still, how often can you keep eating pasta?), but the feel in the restaurant was just perfect, relaxed but very good service at a reasonable price.

                        2. re: IndyGirl

                          Thang Long at 11 Mile and John R is a great Thai / Vietnamese place , plenty of vege options , Pho Hang is at 13 and Dequindre , Thuy Trang is a 13 Mile and John R , another excellent place is right at the corner of 13 and John R on the east side , I can never remember the name , also the Saigon Market in the same strip mall as Thuy Trang is my current favorite asian style market . All of these are located in Madison Heights , and all have plenty of vege options , and the Market has ( in my humble opinion ) the freshest herbs and cool wierd vegetables and fish parts this side of another Chinese market at 13 1/2 and John R that you didn't ask about . An area well worth the trip . In Clawson , at 14 Mile and Main ( Livernois ) , you will find Noble Fish , one of the best ( if kinda small ) Japanese markets around town . The sushi is traditional , conservative , and excellent , you just have to be brave enough to walk beyond the curtain that hides the backroom bar and address the surly looking sushi chefs . It's worth it . If you want new American funky avacado California rolls , they will sternly tell you " no , not here " and , if you are lucky , steer you to more traditional fare . Outside of Hawaii ( which is as close as I have yet come to Japan ) , the best sushi / sashimi I have ever had . Totally off subject , but while you are here , you must check out Eastern Market on Russell , near Gratiot , in downtown Detroit . It's dirty , rough , smelly in the summer , ultra cheap , ( the best place to buy pig parts in the winter ) and totally authentic . Produce like you wouldn't believe , i.e. , 50 ! pounds of potatos for five bucks . The huge building artwork is worth the trip alone . R. Hirt. for ricotta salata at $ 2.50 . Other than driving out to a farm , the best way to score ramps , morels and other spring treats we get around here . The bounty is coming and I can't wait , hope to see you there ,

                          1. re: IndyGirl

                            I scrolled thru all the posts quickly and did not see Bangkok Cuisine mentioned. They are located on Main Street in downtown Rochester just north of University and next to the Dairy Queen. The owner has published her own cookbook, too. I always request the Pad Thai no meat no egg and have them add mixed veggies instead. They also have a location on Maple at Dequindre.

                      2. re: thatgirl153

                        here, here to your love for bastone. my wife and i had dinner there tonight. we split a $5 pomme frites starter w/ horseraddish and blue cheese sauces. i had shrimp provencal (w/ squash flecked papperdelle pasta, artichoke hearts, and roasted tomato butter sauce) which blew me away. my wife had a very good potato truffle ravioli with arugula and wild mushrooms. good beers - dopple i.p.a., pilsner, and blonde. a complimentary (birthday) warm chocolate truffle cake with espresso ice cream was a nice finish. all for $50.

                        that make three great dinners plus a lunch in a row at bastone, which is quickly moving up my list of local favorites.