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Mar 31, 2007 11:04 PM

SHOUT, in Atlanta, GA

Is it worth going to, or is it all hype?

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  1. Not a "chowhound" type place. Period.

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    1. re: biskuit

      what is a "chowhound" type place?

      1. re: hartly

        Let's see, Shout boasts DJs, dance floor, etc. It's what I call a "scene". Oh, and I guess there's food too, from tapas to asian to whatever, but the food appears to be an afterthought. Does that 'splain it?

        1. re: cheesemonger

          It explains what SHOUT is (sounds groovy), but once again, what is a "chowhound" type place?

          1. re: hartly

            Check out the Chowhound "Manifesto":

            An excerpt:
            "Chowhounds know where the good stuff is, and they never settle for less than optimal deliciousness, whether dining in splendor or grabbing a quick slice. . . . Chowhounds blaze trails. They comb through neighborhoods for culinary treasure. They despise hype. And while they appreciate ambiance and service, they can't be fooled by flash."

            In Atlanta, I'd give the "chowhound" moniker to places as disparate as Tasty China, Taka, Havana, El Rey de Taco, Restaurant Eugene, Alon's, and Pura Vida. They're all about great food and all deliver in their own unique way.

            I consider Twist, Shout, and all their sister restaurants (at least the ones I've been to) to be at the opposite end of the spectrum - they're about packing people in for a flashy good time. Nothing wrong with that if that's what you're looking for... but I think there are a lot of places in town that offer similar degrees of sizzle and fun with much more attention to the food at the same time.

            1. re: biskuit

              what biskuit said. Tom Catherall has always been more about the atmosphere than the food, and all his restaurants reflect that.

              But if Shout sounds "groovy" to you, then by all means, head on down.

    2. The food at Shout and Twist is always I've stopped going.
      Sadly I keep getting "Here to Serve" gift certificates at Christmas.
      I'll try Posh with the latest one.

      1. I've been to Twist, Noche, Prime, and Goldfish...just four of Shout's many sister restaurants in the city. It's like has been said, with the exception of Prime, you go to those places for a party atmosphere and focus more on people than the food. They are all very similar with tapas and sushi. There are a lot to choose from, but the quality is very inconsistent, and even at best it's decent, not great (Prime perhaps takes best care of their food, but it is not a tapas place).

        Based on those experiences I'd expect Shout to be similar to Twist...would only go if invited by friends to meet up and "have a drink and a small bite" before partying or movies.