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Mar 31, 2007 10:31 PM

Portland, Walking Distance from SE 39th & Madison

I am having a large 2-day business event mid-April (around SE 39th & Madison, one block North of Hawthorne), and want to put together a list of restaurants, coffee shops, etc for the attendees. Many are from out of town, may be using MAX from downtown hotels, so fairly close walking distance is maily what I want the list to be...

thank you in advance for any help!

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  1. 48th & Hawthorne is Apizza Scholls, simply outstanding pizza. Ten minute walk.
    At about 42nd & Hawth is No Fish Go Fish.

    1. Second Leonardo's recs. I'd also suggest Mio Sushi, Pho Dalat, Pho Van, Three Doors Down, and Zach's Shack, off-hand. If you go the other way up to Belmont, there's Khun Pic's (though beware cash-only and long waits), La Calaca Comelona (starting to be a long walk), and Genoa. Belmont in the high 20s puts you at just less than a mile walking distance, fyi.

      Almost as important in that neighborhood, though, is where NOT to eat, eg: Cup & Saucer, Bread & Ink, or K2 Kebab (unless you know exactly what to order).

      Most of the others I can think of are rather mediocre. There's a decent variety of food, though, just not a lot of especially good options.


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      1. Stumptown Coffee is at 34th and Belmont - their coffee is considered by many to be the best around. Fresh Pot is located in the Powell's Books at 37th and Hawthorne.

        Powell's Books is another wonderful Portland experience. Two on Hawthorne, one a general bookstore and the other for Cooks and Gardeners.

        Both Hawthorne and Belmont are well served by bus lines from Downtown. Max doesn't get you very close to this area.

        1. As others have said, Apizza Scholls would be your best bet for good food relatively close (be prepared to wait for a table, though). Also, Two Brothers, which serves Serbian food, is very close at Belmont and 39th. There's also the Baghdad Theatre on 37th and Hawthorne if you think they need to go to a McMenamin's (it wouldn't be my choice, but it might be interesting for someone from out of town).

          1. Don't forget to mention Pastaworks for top-notch takeout and deli foods, as well as beer, wines, juices, etc.