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Mar 31, 2007 10:10 PM

Breakfast @ Sweet Tomatoes

Sweet Tomatoes in this area starts serving breakfast every Sunday, from 9am to noon. Last Sunday, we went to the one in Pleasanton to try their breakfast; it's their first time serving breakfast.

In addition to their regular salad, and soup (only 2-3 soups available), they serve :
- scrambled eggs
- potatoes o'brien
- waffles w/ maples, strawberry, raspberry syrup
- biscuits n gravy
- oatmeals
- muffins
- 'make your own breakfast burritos'
- spinach quiches (? not sure of the name)
- cereals + fruits
- and more...

Overall, the breakfast was great; we were pretty satisfied with the selections and quality.
I had the spinach quiches, forgot the actual name, that was tasty, had couple of them. They also had a 'pizza' breakfast, again the name escape me that was good.
Scrambled eggs were cooked in smaller batch, using same setup for their pasta during lunch or dinner. Orange juice were available if you buy 'mixology' drink.
As expected, the salad bar didn't get much attention; mostly empty plate during the walk to the cashier :) The price is same as lunch price, around $7, which I found it to be a good value.

They don't have bacon, or sausage or pancakes though.

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  1. thanks for the fyi...

    according to their website, Pleasnt Hill, Pleasanton, Fremont and Sunnyvale locations all do this on Sunday morning

    1. I've been eating lunch at the Sunnyvale location fairly often, and I've been wondering about the breakfast I see advertised. Thanks for the report!