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Mar 31, 2007 10:10 PM

Best homemade Salami / dried sausage in NYC?

I am a salami fan. I don't like vaccum packed salami because of they don't have flavor and texture of homemade salamis you find in some stores

My recommedation is, "Joe's Pork Store" in Astoria. It's located on Ditmars Blvd. bet 37th and 38th Street. Small pork specialist who make their own salamis. They only make two kinds of salamis (sweet and hot) in various shapes and sizes. Their sweet salamis are very mild and soft taste that's so addictive. They also make fresh sausages. My favorite is skinny sausage with cheese. When grilled or pan roasted, grilled cheese flavor adds tastiness to delicious fresh italian sausage. Joe's is one of the gem which is not discovered yet.

Any other recommendation in your area? Doesn't have to be Italian salami.

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  1. Muncan Food Products, Broadway around 44th in the outer reaches of Astoria. You could get a different member of the sausage or smoked meat family every week for two years and not have the same thing twice. Romanian, Serbian, Italian, Istrian, Hungarian, Bosnian, German.... mmmm.

    1. Calabria Port store, Arthur Avenue, The Bronx. The soprasatta is the best anywhere. They come sweet or hot - I prefer the sweet. They come in small & larges sizes. As for fresh sausage - their pepper & onion sausage is absolutely delicious!

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        +1 Calabria

        Was there Wednesday for the first time. Sopressata and Cappicola was outstanding, but the salami I had sliced super thin was the best I've ever had. Stop at Casa Della for the best Mozzarella in the Bronx

      2. In addition to Calabria, go to the multi-seller market at 2344 Arthur Avenue, a few doors up from Calabria at 2388. Stay to the right and go all the way to the back and get the wonderful sweet sausage (1-1/2" diameter, about a foot long with white mold on the outside (which comes off when you peel off the wrapper)).

        See David Rosengarten's great article "It's All Salumi" at

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          I buy article-mentioned Alps sausage at Sapori D'Ischia.

        2. Don't know Muncan (sounds great), but Calabria is absolutely outstanding and Mike's Deli (the place KRS is referring to) has some excellent selections, including their speck and a very good imported mortadella.

          Although it's not fresh-made in NYC, I'd add the Fra'mani salumi (sweet Soppressata, Nostrano, Toscano, Gentile), an artisanal line made in California and sold at Fairway. Buy it sliced paper thin, like prosciutto, as it's so deeply flavorful that thicker slices are not necessary.

          1. I'm your friendly neighborhood cheerleader (though I don't live near them!) for Sikorski Meat Market in Greenpoint, on Manhattan Ave south of Nassau. All of their Polish sausage and a lot of their cold ccuts (and bacon) is made in-house and absolutely fantastic. Steve's on Nassau around the corner is also excellent, especially the kabanos (which is a long, skinny, sausage, available "fresh"/plumper or "dried"/skinnier, or they have a "spicy" variety that has a little extra black pepper).