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Mar 31, 2007 10:10 PM

Spring Rolls - Thai Food - BAD

I finally gave the restaurant known as Spring Rolls (40 Dundas St. W) a second chance.
My first experience with them less than memorable.
Everyone was telling me, "it must have been a one-off experience, they are really good".
And I believe any establishment can have a bad night, so I went for it.

The Pad Thai noodles were overcooked the spices very unremarkable.
The rice was bland even though I asked for the BBQ Pork and Shrimps.

And I guess their signature should be their Spring Rolls given that this is their name.
They reminded of something you could go and get from the frozen section at your grocers.

And the cashew nut chicken was way overcooked.

Their menu suggests that they were awarded "Best Takeout" by Eye weekly. Interesting.

For my money, I much prefer The Friendly Thai or the Thai Princess.

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  1. agree.
    it pains me to see tourists enduring the ridiculous lineup at that place!

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    1. re: happycamper

      Spring Rolls is all about marketing and presentation, not food. Their restaurants have an attractive modern design -- no cheesy bamboo theme a la Friendly Thai, nor the formality of the old Young Thailand or other white-table-cloth Thai places -- and a tourist-friendly pan-Asian menu. But what do you expect when a place expands from a tiny hole-in-the-wall famous for one or two dishes to a chain serving at least three completely different cuisines (Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese)?

    2. Spring Rolls is the parent of East, which took a solid beating a few weeks ago on here:

      Most of the comments on there apply to any of the Spring Rolls locations, to varying degrees. The frustrating thing, I guess, is so many people who don't know any better seem to love the place... to each their own, I suppose.

      1. I had decided not to eat at Spring Rolls because I find the radio jingle to be very annoying. However I am glad that I am not missing out in regards to the food.

        1. It's so sad that Spring Rolls has gone downhill. When they first opened close to 10 years ago, it was a family-run business with good, cheap, honest food. They became successful and started opening franchises across the city. That's when the decor became the main draw and the food started suffering.

          Mr. Seedling and I used to love the food and the owners... they were always generous to us. As much as I wish them success, I find it so sad that their initial reason for opening a restaurant has been lost. We haven't eaten in a Spring Rolls joint for years because of the very reasons all of you have stated.

          I hope the owners find their roots again. There's a good restaurant in this mess, somewhere.

          Clearly an example of big not being better.

          1. Not sure if it's the same as the Spring Rolls I ate at (Yonge Street, south of Bloor) and at Bay/Dundas, but I've had bad experiences as well. Prices are expensive and food is medicre at best. Their spring rolls are awful. Would not return and imo, not worth the trip.