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Mar 31, 2007 09:18 PM

Malo Experience - Saturday Evening

My husband wanted tacos al pastor for dinner this evening, so we decided to try Malo. We hadn't been there before. Made a reservation through Open Table for 2 at 6:45. When we arrived, the restaurant was half-empty but the hostess could not seat us at any of the open two-tops against the wall - even with the res. She led us to the table a step away from the service area. We finally just led ourselves to a two-top down the center of the restaurant's main room. The two-tops against the wall stayed empty the entire time we were there, so we had no idea what her deal was with the seating options.

We opened the menu to find that chips and salsa are extra (should have checked this site first since you were all on this years ago!) and that rice and beans are also extra. What the....??

I ordered the soft tacos carne asada and my husband had the soft tacos al pastor. These were the saving grace of the evening. The tortillas were lovely, very fresh and flavorful. The meat used in both dishes was tender and tasty. So, something good. Not a total waste. Wouldn't go back, though.

Anyone have a favorite restaurant for tacos al pastor?

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  1. i really enjoy the al pastor at el gran burrito on vermont/santa monica. wonderful salsas too!

    1. I like the al pastor in either tacos or burritos at Tacos Delta which is just down the street. The al pastor here works really well with raw onion - one of those great flavor combos.

      1. Personally, I really enjoy the food at Malo, but can understand how somebody could be put off by their "a la carte" ordering system, especially if they were not forewarned.

        I second the recommendation for the al pastor tacos at El Gran Burrito -- they are very good.

        Another place in the Silverlake area that has great al pastor tacos is Antojito Denise -- I was turned onto this place by longtime LA Chowhounder Thi -- the catch is you have to get it when a certain little old lady is making the food :-) Here's a link to his post, with more info:

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        1. re: DanaB

          Antojito's Denise has been closed for about 2 months.

          1. re: lil mikey

            That's too bad! Thanks for the update.

        2. Thanks for the al pastor recommendations. We'll try them out. Sad to hear that Antojito's Denise is closed.

          1. I am infatuated with the habenero cream salsa at Malo. While I agree that they should offer the standard chips/salsa combo for free, I'll happily pay for their specialty salsas. I have always liked the other food at Malo as well, even their gringo beef and American cheese and pickle tacos, and the margs there are fantastic. But it can be a bit of a pain service-wise and the noise level is sometimes deafening.

            Clare K.

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            1. re: Clare K

              I'm also obsessed with that salsa. The salsa sampler with chips, the shrimp diablo and a margarita make me one happy girl.

              1. re: mollyomormon

                Oh the shrimp al mojo de ajo is an all-time FAVORITE!!!

              2. re: Clare K

                The havenero cream salsa IS great. Everything else I've tried has been bland and greasy. The service is awful and the room is uncomfortable, too loud, poor seating.