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Mar 31, 2007 08:45 PM

Egg Tarts and Chinese bakeries

Does anyone know where to get good egg tarts with the flakey crusts (not the ones with the cookie crust)? I've been trying to look for a good chinese bakery with good buns that is easily accessible by TTC. Thanks!

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  1. Pink Pearl the dim sum restaurant in chinatown has Fantastic, crispy, and buttery crusts.
    but if you are looking for a bakery, i suggest Yung Sing on bladwin. it is about a 10 min walk from the university subway station.
    good luck hunting!

    1. Best flakey egg tarts (IMHO) is at ABC Bakery at plaza on VicPark north of McNicoll. Not easily accessible by TTC though.

      I heard Bakery18 opened at Atrium on Bay (Bay & Bloor) and they're run by the family who opened the chain of Jing Cheng Bakery shops uptown, they have REALLY good Taro buns, Milk puff buns and their red bean honey cake is so good. I'm not sure if they carry flakey egg tarts. The T&T grocery store definitely carries flakey egg tarts, go on the weekend and they'll be straight out of the oven.

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        Bakery 18 definitely carries egg tarts but they are much more in the Chinese style then the Portugese. Very eggy and very good.

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          do u mean bay and dundas? like across from eaton centre?

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            I think yellowpineapples did indeed mean Bay & Dundas. I've seen the bakery on the lower level of the Atrium on Bay, about halfway between the LCBO and the food court.

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              Yes, sorry!! I meant Bay & Dundas.

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            And I believe T&T has both the Chinese and the Portuguese styles.

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              I have tried the eggtarts at bakery18, and they are actually a little disappointing. it is large, for chinese eggtarts, but the crust is blend and soft. for $1.25 a piece, you can get much better deals else where.
              i do agree their taro bun is delicious

            2. The best egg tarts I've had (and I'm a fan) is the flaky crust ones as well (not cookie crust) and I don't like a tough crust. I know you mentioned TTC accessible, but if you happen to be uptown near the Chartwell Plaza (Brimley/Huntingwood), some time.... there is a bakery inside that makes amazing egg tarts. You can't miss it, it's across from the lotto booth and the bakery is associated with the Dragon Dynasty Restaurant which is our favorite place for dimsum.

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                The bakery Red Dragon speaks of is called Aromaz Bakery.

                1. re: Juniper

                  thanks guys! i'll definitely be checking some of these places out to get my fix! :)

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                    Thanks juniper, the name escaped me :)

                2. BEST EGG TARTS

                  There is a Taiwanese bakery in the Bamburgh Circle Plaza just south of Steeles Ave. on Warden Ave, The bakery is next to the Mcdos on the north end of the plaza. Big flaky pastry (No lard used) tarts are $1.00 each or by five NO TAX. You will not be disappointed. If you have a half hour to kill they will even make them fresh for you.
                  when you are there you must try their apple strudel. Light, not too sweet delightful. Say hello to Yvonne the owner's daughter, very knowledgable.

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