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Mar 31, 2007 08:26 PM

Asian-inspired Gefillte Fish

I abandoned all attempts at creating an Ashkenazi fish dish and decided to do something different with my fish. To a mixture of salmon, whitefish and walleye, I added chopped cilantro, scallions - both the whites and greens - and toasted sesame. I used very little matzoh meal and one egg. The balls are very light and I reduced the homemade stock by 2/3 and added ginger and more cilantro to the broth for the last 15 min. If there are any left, I will fry them. I used only a small amount of fish - about 1/3 lb of each and got about 12 palm-sized pieces.

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  1. If you did kitniyot I'd say a little soy sauce would be a great addition. Did you try a little sesame oil in the mixture? Probably not more than a drop or two. If you went with a little lemongrass and maybe Thai chile in the mix that might have been pretty cool, too.

    If I weren't already over my head in cooking and cleaning and hadn't committeed to a pseudo-Peruvian menu I'd be tempted to try this version.

    L'shana ha-ba'ah bi-Beijing?

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      Great suggestions, Rockycat. I'll try them when I do another batch. Pseudo-Peruvian sounds intriguing. Whats on the menu?