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Mar 31, 2007 08:12 PM

Long Island Recs Needed

Philly Hound here with a new job that will have me staying a few nights a month on Long Island. It seems like the places I'm gravitating towards (for business purposes) are the Islandia Marriott and the Uniondale Marriott. Chowish places needed desparately, I can't handle the room service any longer! Upper limit is the $60 range for dinner, a beer or glass of wine, and tip, but pizza or a great burger place would be very welcome as well.


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  1. If you're at the Uniondale Marriott, there is a place called Cafe Baci on Old Country Road, which is just north of you. The cross-street is Post Avenue, but that is the name on the north side of Old Country Rd., so you'd need to look at a map. Basically, leave the hotel, drive East till you hit Eisenhower Park (well under a mile) and make a left.

    The restaurant has excellent pastas, good salads, and good entrees as well (although I rarely get beyond the pastas). Portions are large, and I'm pretty sure every item is under $20. It's not high-end, but definitely well worth it.

    There are other places as well and I'm sure you'll get a bunch of responses. Of course, this being LI, there is every imaginable chain restaurant, but I think they're best avoided.

    1. I second Cafe Baci, but the wait can be very long. If you want something more interesting, Azerbaijan, a very good Middle Eastern place, is in the shopping center right next to Cafe Baci. The food is wonderful, and the owner is very gracious and helpful. Everything I've ever ordered there has been good, but the lamb is always superb.

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        I've been very curious about that little place, how is their chicken dishes?

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          There are a few chicken dishes on the menu. The best, as far as my 9 year old daughter is concerned, is the jujeh kebab, which is mostly dark meat chicken with bone. They also have a boneless breast kebab, which is okay, but note that neither my daughter nor I are white meat fans.

          I'm looking at the menu as I type and don't want to forget to recommend the appetizers, especially the eggplant kashkeh badenjan and the pickled vegetables.

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          Totally agree on Azerbaijan. A wonderful place-- you can't go wrong with whatever you order. I agree with the other poster that their best chicken dish is the kebab with the chicken on the bone. Adana kebab is also excellent, as is their lamb stew and the felafel. This restaurant is such a little gem.

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            went to Azerbajan this evening, sort of late around 9:30pm, and it was excellent, and good value, too. Had chicken breast kebab, and husband had adana kebab, everything cooked perfect--good yogurt sauce, as well.....very nice staff, and mellow atmosphere..they had a good dinner special mon-thurs so we'll be back to try that during the week...thanks for the suggestion!

          2. A good burger and great seasoned fries can be found at Runyon's Roadside Tavern. 2172 Hemp. Tpke. Head East and it will be on your right. If you pass the Nassau Co. Med. Center on the left you've gone to far.

            1. west end cafe $ but worth it for a special dinner. great sushi buffet at menado. piccola busala, great family style italian. other than that, alot of "chains" in that area.

              1. I'm not sure if it is still there, but i had a very pleasant dinner at Spumante (sp?) which is east of the Uniondale Marriott on Hempstead Turnpike. It's just after the Merrick Road intersection on the south side. I think it is attached to the Coliseum Motor Lodge. Just opposite the park. Only went once but the food was pretty good.