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Mar 31, 2007 07:31 PM

Sad little panino at Tango Gelato

Was strolling on Upper Fillmore St. trying to make the most of a sunny afternoon while my sister watched my baby. I was hungry but didn't want to eat a big meal, so I popped into Tango, remembering that they serve panini. Thought I'd have a bite and then some gelato afterward. It was really crowded with people getting gelato, so maybe this is partly my fault (the two servers were pretty distracted), but I ordered tom/basil/mozz. on foccaccia (pretty simple) and it was served to me with the bread grilled and the cheese cold (and still shredded). I politely pointed this unmelted state of cheese to the counter person and got a very unfriendly response. I had to ask again if it could just be popped in the grill again and it was, and I got it back melted, but with no love (or even eye contact). It didn't taste great either--very bland and cardboardey. I was tempted to just walk out and go eat somewhere else, which I should have done. I guess I'll just stick to their gelato from now on, though there are plenty of other choices in town for that too, now.

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