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Mar 31, 2007 06:37 PM

Best noodles in PDX?

I'm partial to pho, but willing to expand my repetoire. Any faves out there?

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  1. My favorite is Silk on Glisan and NW 10th.

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    1. re: pdxgirl

      I was looking for something more authentic and less upscale than Silk. Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese----bring 'em on!

      1. re: manya7

        OK, although I thought Silk was authentic but less upscale might be Miso Happy on NW 23rd.
        There is a new Japanese restaurant near Jamison Square called Hiroshi.
        I guess that is all I can think of , sounds like you already know what is around.

        1. re: pdxgirl

          pdxgirl, I mean this lovingly, but you gotta get out of NW once in a while! ;-)

          I assume you're looking for noodle soups more than just noodle dishes...

          For Vietnamese, I'd recommend Pho Oregon for best pho and Bun Bo Hue for best ... uh ... bun bo hue. They're both fairly far east and both very good.

          For Thai, I suggest Pok Pok, both their kanom jiin and khao soi are excellent.

          For Japanese, I'd recommend Hakatamon for udon. They make it themselves and it's the only stuff I've had around that was comparable to what I've had in Japan. I've heard Biwa is good for housemade ramen and udon, but I haven't tried it yet. They're very new.

          For Malaysian, there's really only one choice, Malay Satay Hut, but the noodle soups I've had there, such as the mee rebus, have been good.

          I don't really do Chinese noodle soups very often, so that's all I got.

          I have detailed reports on these places at the sites in my sig and elsewhere on Chowhound probably.


          1. re: extramsg

            Thank you for meaning it lovingly lol .. Silk and Miso Happy are the only pho places I have been..

            1. re: pdxgirl

              Hakatamon is worth the trip to the Beav if ya want noodles.
              I like the udon at Biwa. Have had it twice already.

              1. re: pdxgirl

                I'd suggest Pho Thanh Long near PSU campus if you want to stay within a streetcar ride of NW some time. I actually like Silk, but the experience is very different from these others or even Pho Van out east.

              2. re: extramsg

                Extramsg, I apologize for lauding you as a food god and will henceforth snarl at you as you wish. However, I do wish to point out that your recommendation of Hakatamon for udon was spot on. Their tempura was not fried to a dark crisp; rather it was tender, lacy and pale and the shrimp oh so sweet. The sushi I saw coming out of the kitchen looked great----must try it next time. Question: how DO they get such a fine chiffonade on the green onions for that udon broth? Splendid and tasty.

                1. re: manya7

                  You should try Biwa, too, who also makes their own udon and ramen. I've been pretty lucky with Hakatamon's sushi, but others who go more often have said it can be pretty inconsistent.

        2. Mei Mei in Chinatown has some of the better Chinese noodles around IMO - everything is excellent (stir fried noodles and soup noodles, as well as their chinese bbq) and pretty much as authentic as it gets in Portland. Their gan chow neiu he (dry-fried beef rice noodles) tasetes like little noodle shops in HK.

          I like Pho Hung's pho cause it's pretty homestyle.

          Good luck!

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          1. re: clearskies0810

            I like Pho Hung's "homestyle" pho as well, even better than Pho Van, who gets all the press. Their bun also are quite tasty. All food there is priced better than Pho Van. However, I do love and crave Pho Van's lime ade. It's what I dream of on a hot summer day (which we better start having pretty soon!)

            1. re: manya7

              Pho Hung is a deep tissue massage, strong and a little rough. Pho Van is the sensual touch of a lover, subtly and carefully caressing you. Each has their place. Try the banana bread custard with coconut milk at PV for a happy finish.

              Pho Oregon is a balance between the two, imo.

          2. For homestyle Chinese noodles try Green Onions at 82nd and Flavel.

            The soup base is very clean tasting and flavorful... not at all greasy
            Lo mein as well as soup noodles come with a variety of toppings including wonton, shui kau, bbq portk, roast duck and even pig's feet!

            If you get the lo mein, be sure to get some of the special green onion sauce as a condiment!

            1. The sweet potato noodles at Beewon (NW 23rd at Northrup), a korean place. Never had anything like them. A must have.