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Utz Mystic Dark Russet Chips?

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I had these for the first time a few weeks ago and they were amazing. Now I can't find them! Has anyone seen them? Bonus points for suppliers located near Fenway, Prudential, Davis T stops.

Gourmet Express in Porter has the dark Cape Cod chips (and Utz crab chips!), but didn't have the Dark Russets.

Help me with this craving, please!

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    1. Saw them today in the Brighton Mills Shaw's - haven't yet looked but that means they're probably also in the Packard's Corner one as well.

      1. A trek from Davis Sq., but Johnny's Foodmaster in Somerville has both the crab and dark russet chips last time I was browsing the snack aisle.

        1. Stop and Shop is carrying the Utz brand now. Although sadly the only place I've found my favorites-the sweet potato chips is at a Christy's near North Station.

          1. If you go to the website and send in an email requesting them in your area, they will have a rep stock local areas with it on a trial basis.

            They did it in Manchester NH where I live, and the stuff flies off the shelf.

            Try the Malt Vinager and Salt.... To DIE for!

            1. Pizzadoro's on River Street in Dedham has Utz chips but the variety varies. The other day I had the Malt Vinegar and salt for the first time and I can't wait to get some more.

              1. picked up crab chips at the christmas tree store last week...they prob have the dark russets too

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                  thats where I get my crab chips. I'm a marylander at heart so anything with old bay on it is excellent...especially on top of popcorn

                2. I saw them at the Mt Auburn Shaws/ Star on Mt auburn St. in Camb