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Mar 31, 2007 06:12 PM

smoked cheeses?

i love smoked cheese, but the quality of supermarket smoked cheeses is not very good

can you suggest a good market brand or an online source?

any type of cheese, so long as it's really good

thanking you in advance


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  1. Bill-
    there are dozens of great smoked cheeses out there, and often the best of the best are locally produced (I guess I'm spoiled, I'm not too far from Wisconsin!). I'll post a link here to a great online site that has hundreds of cheeses from around the country and the world, and you don't usually have to buy a +10# wheel! I use the site for research- and usually find the item at a local store where I can buy it by the ounce. In general, I think Whole Foods has the best variety of gourmet and not-necessarily-gourmet cheeses- their staff is pretty knowlegeble, too.

    1. I just tried a good one, oak-smoked Blarney Castle by Kerrygold. Here's the picture of it in my shopping cart at Grocery Outlet, upper right side
      It's made with real cheese, not the processed cheese food of too many supermarket offerings. The smoke flavor is quite pronounced and it has some salt crystals but is otherwise quite creamy though firm in texture. I put a bit of it in some mac n cheese as part of the blend and it added a new and complex note.

      1. The smoked cheese we always go for is this smoked cheddar from England They carry at least some of this company's line in our local supermarket chain, makes it easy to find.

        We put this in our mac & cheese as well (hey, I have some of that for lunch in a bit!) but also good for just eating.

        1. One I had a chance to buy when I was in Los Angeles at the factory is Gioia's affumicata, a smoked mozzarella.

          It's quite strong, and could be a way to introduce a smokey bacon-ish flavor into vegetarian dishes. "dommy" on the LA board has posted about it and recommended using it with pasta in a simple marinara sauce. That was my favorite application.

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            Melanie Wong, maybe you can quickly find the thread I started on smoked cheese. I would welcome the input and the continuation. Especially if you bumped this thread from 2007 to get discussion going. Thanks!