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Mar 31, 2007 05:09 PM

Sides for Easter Ham

Since Greek Easter and Easter coincide this year , decided to forego the Greek Easter dishes and make a ham. It has been so long since I have had ham for Easter I have forgotten what I used to serve as tradional side dishes. Please give me your ideas. The simpler, and kid friendly, the better.

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  1. In my humble opinion, ham requires potatoes...maybe you can consider a little glam dish of potato gratin with white cheddar from epicurious (link below) OR go somewhat trashy and do a hash brown casserole (served in most Cracker Barrel restaurants)...first time I ever had the hash brown casserole was at a work-related holiday gathering at co-worker's home and the main meat was ham...someone brought the hash brown casserole and it was so heavenly with the ham. I think both are pretty easy and both would appeal to kids. You can find the hash brown casserole anywhere on the 'net. Here's the gratin recipe link:

    For a vegetable side dish, maybe a dark green of some kind...lots of folks like carrots, too, with ham...maybe oven-roasted carrots would be nice.

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      I agree. To me, ham must come with potatoes au gratin.

    2. Consider a baked onion tarte served warm.

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        potato salad or candied yams
        tossed green salad
        dinner rolls

        And if Polish
        beet horseradish

      2. cole slaw
        lemon roasted or candied sweet potatoes
        fava bean puree

        1. For Greek, you can have couscous as a side. Asparagus, as suggested before, is always good.

          I think roasted root vegetables such parships and turnips, would be great. If you prefer the vegetables to be more kid-friendly, then roasting an assortment of potatoes, including regular potato, sweet potato, and blue potatoe, would work as well. You can add herbs like rosemary or thymes for more flavors.

          1. Potatoes, agree! Asparagus, agree! Try roasting the asparagus. Skip the ham, I'll just have the onion tarte suggested! Don't forget that fruit pairs well with ham. Maybe a really chunky homemade applesauce or just apples sauteed in butter and served warm. Pears or peaches would work as well. Or a cold fruit salad or kebobs.