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Mar 31, 2007 04:59 PM

Best restaurant in the Tandoorloin?

I'm heading out to a comedy show tonight around Mason and Market, and am wondering if anyone has recommendations for Indian restaurants? I usually go to Chutney, have eaten at Shalimar, but am in the mood to try something new. I've heard of Sultan, Lahore Karahi and am wondering if anyone knows the differences between the two? Are there certain dishes that are better at once restaurant as opposed to the other?

BTW, the friend I'll be eating with is picky, so the cleaner the better.


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  1. The food at Lahore Karahi is excellent; I think the food at Sultan is very good but not as good as the best dishes at Lahore Karahi, like the tandoori fish. But I've taken people to Lahore Karahi who thought it was insufficiently clean, and I don't think anyone could raise the same concern about Sultan.

    If your friend is picky in that way, I think that you'll have a better evening all around at Sultan; sometime when you're alone or with someone less picky, try Lahore Karahi.