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Mar 31, 2007 04:12 PM

Salmon roe - where to get it?

I am looking for a store that sells salmon roe. I have seen it in Styrofoam in some japanese markets but am looking for more than an ounce. In NYC, Citeralla carries 7 ounce jars. Wondering if any seafood markets or anyone else sells it in jars or bigger containers. I would like to be able to use it on blini for a party or just to have around and munch over several days and so the 1 ounce covered in plastic wrap isn't what I am looking for.....

Any advice appreciated. Coming from the santa monica area but willing to travel for high quality salmon roe. Price isn't a major issue, although I'd rather not spend a fortune if it isn't necessary. Thanks in advance, hounds!

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  1. Petrossian of Paris has a store in Beverly Hills that might have it in stock in 8 3/4 oz. for $50:

    321 No. Robertson Blvd., Beverly Hills (310) 271-0576

    Closer, would be Santa Monica Seafood (Quality as good? Possibly).

    1. petrossian definitely has it - i've bought it there myself. i'm not sure about 7oz jars though. plus they are hugely obnoxious.

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        I guess I meant any size jar/ container is fine as long as it is resealable. i.e. Plastic container with lid etc. just not plastic wrap....

        I'll check out Santa Monica Seafood

        1. re: Senor Popusa

          No these are definitely glass jars and they actually pack them really well, even for you to store in the fridge. It's actually one of my favorite snacks, with just bread and butter.

          You could also try Whole Foods.

      2. Not sure where to buy it in Los Angeles, but a warning to be careful in general. There is a huge price to quality ratio with this product. I recently ordered some online from Alaska Smokehouse in Washington state. It was not very expensive, but it was truly awful.

        Would love to know if you find a good source.

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          Jon's Market in Hollywood carries it. Can't vouch for the quality, but...

          If you want to order online try:

          They make the best salmon roe ever, hands down.

        2. Three places to get salmon roe:
          Najya on Sawtelle
          Safe & Save on Sawtelle
          99 Ranch Market, Victory and Sepulveda in the Valley

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            I always go to 99 Ranch Market in the Valley - pretty good quality and can't beat their price!

          2. Obviously, Petrosian or any store like it is going to charge an arm and a leg for what I've always considered the most democratic, basic caviar. The Russian markets on Santa Monica Blvd. carry it at reasonable prices. I've always gone to a place called Kashtan and been very happy with all their reasonably priced caviar sold bulk / deli style by the ounce. They also have a black caviar which I like very much too. Heck, if I'm going to serve it with scrambled eggs or with sour cream, onions, and chopped egg I'm going to use the expensive stuff!!!

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              Petrossian are a bunch of gangsters...don't ever shop there.

              1. re: markethej

                oops, I meant I'm NOT going to use the expensive stuff!!! Also, Kashtan sells by the pound, not ounce.