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A Great Salad In Baltimore?

With the warm weather upon us, where would be the best place in the Baltimore area for a real great salad for lunch or dinner.

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  1. There was a thread last summer on the topic of salads in Baltimore. It took a bit of looking to find because the search feature on the site is not the best, but I hope this links to it:

    If it doesn't link directly, warthog posted it in June of 2006. Also that was a year ago, so there might be more recent additions? Anyone?

    1. try Dogwood Deli on 36th in Hampden. Great salads, sourced from local ingredients when they can.

      1. This is hardly a novel suggestion, but Atwater's in Belvedere Market is always outstanding. Many different varieties, all nicely put together and delicious. Throw in a cup of soup or half of a sandwich...that's what I'm talking about.

        1. I've enjoyed the "Big Dog" salad at the Thirsty Dog. It is topped with grilled chicken, smoked gouda, and veggies. I liked that it came with 4 small slices of their white pizza.

          Pazo has some nice salads that are more of a side salad and might not be enough on their own.

          I have only had their sandwiches, but the non lettuce salads at DiPasquales have always looked good to me and I always see people orderin large containers of them. To get the most out of the nice weather I like to order it to go and sit in Patterson Park.

          And of course there are the chains California Pizza Kitchen and Cheesecake factory which have some tasty (large) salads.

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            The mixed seafood salad at DiPasquales is scrumptuous! Great seafood, lemons, capers, yum!

          2. I like the tuna salad on mixed greens at Donna's. Not the usual mayo-celery-pickle mix, but instead has chopped kalamatas and capers. If you like salty, it's very tasty.

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              I totally agree on the Donna's tuna salad. But I'd go the route of the Mediterranean Salad. It has hummus, pita, fontina cheese, olives and huge chunks of raw veggies and lettuces. And then I add the tuna scoop on the side. As said previously very tasty. And a huge amount of food.

            2. i really like the salads at porters in federal hill. they arent anything fancy but taste great. particularly the porters salad, which has buffalo chicken, and the steak salad. i probably get one every other week.

              check out the menu.

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                I had the cobb salad there and my friend the caesar salad and we were both really disappointed with them.

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                  oops. havent had those. one thing ive heard is that it can be hit or miss there. i think the kitchen staff revolves a bit.

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                  Just got back from a weekend in Baltimore. Porters is a nice pub, and the food was very good for pub-grub, but the waitress had an incredibly bad attitude, which took some of the pleasure away from the evening.

                3. Birches has some good salad--like a spinich salad and a cobb salad--and if you are into soup and salad, their French Onion soup is the best I get in B'more.

                  1. The Cobb Salad at Red Star in Fells in pretty darm good, and filling

                    1. The Harvest Salad (with steak or chicken) at the Harvest Table in Locust Point. Huuuge salad with mixed Greens, walnuts (candied maybe), crumbled bleu cheese, big chunks of grapefruit...and some other secret stuff I don't know about ( I want to say dried cranberries) but it's amazing. Check it out.

                      1. Soup's On at Rose's Cookies, on the Avenue in Hampden.

                        1. Had the veggie taco salad at Holy Frijoles this weekend.

                          it was really, really good...and an excellent value. just be hungry, or prepared to share.

                          1. I think one of the best salads in Baltimore is the "Bookmaker" at Sabitino's in Little Italy. Try it ! You'll love it !