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Mar 31, 2007 03:55 PM

Providence Wine Pairing Question

We are going to Providence for the first time tonight. I don't want to drink that much but I do want to try the wine pairing tasting menu. Is it in extremely poor taste to share one wine pairing with my significant other? I just don't do well with drinking a lot and once I start, I forget not to finish the glass!

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  1. We have shared a Wine Tasting several times.
    Ask Drew (Sommelier) to split the Wine Tastes for you.
    Have a nice dinner, we're jealous!

    1. I have done that very thing on several occasions and the sommelier is delighted to help. He will split the glasses for you, even.... Enjoy.

      1. Thanks...but I was so excited that I totally forgot to check back here. We did not split and I'm glad we didn't for our first visit. Next time we will. I will post a review soon.