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Mar 31, 2007 03:17 PM

AYCE Sushi in Ottawa and MHK Restaurant Happy Hour Review

Sakura Restaurant on Merivale has opened recently and it's an all you can eat sushi restaurant. Has anyone tried it yet?

Also, Sushi Kan also on Merivale is opening up on April 8th from what I read in the newspapter.

On another note, I went for happy hour at MHK restaurant recently and I thought that it was pretty good. Nice big serving of edamame, good spring rolls and shrimp tempura. The steamed beef gyoza weren't very good at all, I wouldn't recommend ordering them. On the sushi side, while the fish was fresh, I found that they were a little stingy on the portion perhaps because it was happy hour. It may not reflect ordering off the regular menu. They also had nightly drink specials which I didn't get a chance to try.

Overall I enjoyed my experience there and would return. Happy hour is from 8-10 pm Sunday to Thursday. I'd probably show up before 9:30 because I think the kitchen might close at 10 pm. I saw them turn a couple away after 9:45 pm.

All of a sudden so many sushi options in the west end of Ottawa.

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  1. wyf, we were noticing the proliferation of Asian places in the west end this morning as we drove down Merivale. We've had takeout from MHK a couple of times and have been reasonably happy with the quality of the fish (the sashimi was good, but not blow-my-mind, and the rolls are tasty and well-made). I saw the sign for happy hour and was wondering if they would perhaps be limiting the options offered to the more basic stuff (cali rolls, vegetarian maki, etc) but I'm glad to hear the quality was good.

    I didn't know Sakura was going to be an AYCE - they'll be the pioneer of that in Ottawa. I'm curious to see what pricing is like. I don't eat out much anymore (ah, mortgages!) so when I do go out I tend to want a really great experience.

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      As far as MHK, they do limit their sushi selection at happy hour to the basics like tuna, salmon, red snapper, etc. As far as their maki selection, they have a few interesting ones with about half of the 12 choices as spicy rolls. I found they cut the pieces a little thin. Overall though I still felt like it was a worthwhile trip. 4 appetizers, 2 pieces of sushi and 3 orders of 3 pieces of maki ended up just under $30 with tip.

      For Sakura, I looked over the menu and they seem to have quite a bit of choice and options. Lots of udon noodle dishes, a good selection of sushi, maki and hand rolls, plus lots of appetizer choices. Cost was 18.99 for dinner on the weekends. I can't remember what the cost was on the weekday, but it was just a little cheaper if I remember. They also seem to have a good deal on their non ayce lunch menu too.

      With Sushi Kan, I remember that they are going to be 14.99 for lunch and 18.99 for dinner for weekdays, then an extra 3 dollars on the weekend.