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Mar 31, 2007 02:51 PM

In Atlanta during Passover

Will be in Downtown Atlanta area during passover week, looking for suggestions MARTA or auto accessible kid or adult friendly. "nonleavened" if possible

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  1. If you are a "die-hard" Passover keeper, it might be more difficult to not eat kitniyot. However, if you just have to stay away from wheat products and rice, it will be easier. I suggest somewhere that is heavy on the proteins and veggies. Maybe somewhere ethnic like Mexican that uses corn tortillas, or Asian and skip the rice. Or potatoes.

    Suggestions - Pacific Rim might have fish entrees w/ veggies and potatoes. Ray's might have a wide selection of side dishes.
    Really anywhere that has selection is key I think.

    I really like Mitra in Midtown (Piedmont just north of 5th) and Avra (questionable how unleavened they are).

    Hope that helps...