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Best five Polish restaurants in Chicago area

If you can narrow it down to five.....please do! Really need some excellent kielbasa, gulabki, and noodle dishes, but please, no czarnina.

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  1. Red Apple and Tatra Inn make two.

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      Unfortunately, the Tatra Inn closed down. I believe a Mexican restaurant will be moving in.

    2. Definitely, hands down, SZALAS on Archer Avenue.

      1. this north sider is still searching for polish avec in chicago
        for polish mom's everyday fix ( obiat ) stop in Andrzej Grill it's all less then $8
        P.S. check out friday's duck special

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          Our hands down favorite polish restaurant is Old Warsaw. It's located at the corner of Harlem and Lawrence in Chicago - great pierogis and the best potato pancakes. Mmmmmm.
          Old Warsaw Restaurant and Polish Buffet
          4750 N Harlem Ave
          Harwood Heights, IL 60706
          (708) 867-4500

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            Is that the same Old Warsaw as the one in Broadview, at the corner of Cermak (22nd) and 17th?

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              No. They are similar menus though. We still prefer the Harwood Heights location.

        2. Gilmart on South Archer Avenue in Chicago. My Polish born friends swear by it. Also try Kurowski's Butcher Shop on Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square.

          1. Smak Tak has the best Polish food in Chicago.

            1. Im polish born and raised and old Warsaw is shitttttt

              1. I'm going to second Smak Tak and Red Apple - IMHO Red Apple has it all over Old Warsaw. Two locations, both on Milwaukee - one near Belmont, one near Devon & Nagle.

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                  I've been going to Red Apple for 24 years and am a loyalist but must say that some days are better than others. Weekends are best---they bring out the good stuff and turnover is faster. Certainly at any time Red Apple is arguably the best restaurant bargain in Chicago. Visitors who never leave Michigan Avenue might want to think about filling up their teenagers at Red Apple.