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Mar 31, 2007 02:39 PM

MSP! London wedding party needs help please...

Hi there

I'm American and I live in London with my German fiance, and my mother now lives in SW MN. We've decided to have a small family wedding in MSP on a Thursday in July, followed by a big family party at my mother's that weekend.

The group is 20 adults and nine kids under the age of 10 (we need them accommodated wherever we go), and we're planning on staying at the new Westin opening in May.

There are two dinners in question:

Wednesday night -- dinner at a steak place (Murry's? Manny's? We thought about the Capital Grille, but their private room is too small for the kids to join)

Thursday night -- dinner somewhere beautiful and delicious (Nicollet Island Inn? The Westin? We researched rooms at Chambers and the Walker, but both were too stark for our liking)

If everything could be downtown, it would be ideal. Of course, we haven't found a church yet, so that could throw off our pedestrian plan : )

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated!


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  1. My office is right next to the Westin. Didn't realize it would be open so soon.

    I'm not sure the steakhouses are the most kid-friendly option. Restaurant Vincent has a nice private second floor area above the main dining room. That might work, and the food is quite good.

    For beautiful/delicious you might consider W.A. Frost in St. Paul. It is a lovely old historic building with several dining rooms, and at least one private room. It used to serve mediocre food loved by older Minnesotans. But they have a new chef and the food (and wine list) are much improved. They also have a large outdoor seating area.

    Nicollet Island Inn is quite pretty but the food is nothing special. The Westin may well have a nice restaurant. I'll go try it when they open.

    I think the current place-of-the-moment, 112 Eatery, may be opining an additional room or two. It is near downtown. If you could get a room there the food is superb but normal.

    Best of Luck.

    1. That is so exciting! I would go with La Belle Vie. My girlfriend had her rehearsal dinner there and it was amazing. Another one thats northeast for a steakhouse is Jax cafe. Its wonderful food, a little more laid back, but it would be a cab ride. One of my fave places to rent a room for events is Azia on 26th and nicollet. They let you have the whole back room, your own bar/bartender and If I recall correctly, they didnt charge me when I booked a party there. Its Asian fusion food. Good luck and congrats!

      PS: I actually am an ordained minister if you cant find a church ;)

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      1. re: mamabird187

        I'm trying to picture serving the LBV menu to the kids in the party and not feeling as though I had thrown money out the window. I can't quite do it; how about anyone else?

        For a party of that size, where nine of the diners are children; Zelo might be able to help you out. Their food is good, maybe not top-of-the-universe, but their staff is FANTASTIC at accommodating everyone at the table. I took my family there, including kids, and they were just wonderful at every turn. The menu had enough new and familiar items that each person found an appealing meal. Try them out.

        1. re: KTFoley

          I would never bring my kids to LBV. And they are very well behaved. A fab place if you are going to get a sitter for the night! (which can be done)

          Azia is fun for a party - they have great space for a party that size! Zelo as well. Vincent has excellent food & a good space option as well.

          A steakhouse might be a lot of fun if you have a private room. I'm sure they can make some kid friendly food.

          Good luck! & Congrats!

          Has anyone heard what the dining options will be at the Westin?

          Hell's Kitchen is a must for a breakfast.

      2. LBV is exceptional but the only way you could do it with kids would be to see if you could reserve the entire lounge area. They serve dinner in the lounge and it is stunning, but I don't know of they do private parties.

        One additional thought came to mind. We went to Bon Vie in St. Paul for breakfast this a.m. It is a charming cafe next to a flower shop. Nicely painted walls and colorful tables. Sort of a European feel, seats about 40 and is intimate. They are only open for breakfast and lunch. But I saw a sign on their black baord that says they do private parties for dinner. The breakfast and lunch food is outstanding. I had a Mediterranean Benedict today with Cappicolla ham and olive hollandaise. Yum. I suspect they would do a fantastic dinner, probably not super expensive, you could have the entire place and kids would be easy to accomadate. Also it's right off the highway near Dale and Selby. (There is an excellent wine shop accross the street called Solo Vino -- you might be able to arrange for them to cater wine/Champagne.) While I'm sure it would be convenient to stay in downtown Minneapolis, places there are much more geared for either a business crowd or an adult singles type crowd. A short ride to St. Paul and you'll find more of the family celebration spots you seem to need.

        1. You might want to try Kozy's in Edina, found in the Galleria.

          They have private room options and the food is fabulous! Their Thursday lunch special is a lobster pot pie, that is to die for! Their steaks are pretty fabulous as well.

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            Caution: If you're staying in downtown Minneapolis. the rush hour traffic (which is horrible) would make a trip to Edina pretty miserable. If you can stay off the freeways between 2:30 and 7:00, you'll be much happier.

            I would stick with a downtown steak restaurant (sorry; I don't eat much steak so no recommendations).

            Here's thread with a great list of party rooms from Foureyes137:


            The Twin Cities Originals web site lists a handful of restaurants with party rooms.


            Another option is Jax Cafe in NE Minneapolis (no freeway travel, but you'd need cars or taxis to get there). They have great steaks, a nice, old fashioned-but-fancy atmosphere, and several party rooms. When I *do* eat steak, this is where I go.



          2. I would also seriously consider Solera downtown - they have many private rooms and I have been to some fun rehearsal dinners there. And, if it is nice out, the adults can hit the rooftop bar there too after dinner.

            If you want to do something a little more fun and rambunctious, you could also get the Community Table at Chino Latino in Uptown.

            If money is no problem, dinner ar Cosmos at the Graves would give you a modern atmosphere and upscale food. They can service the kids too because it is a hotel. I hear the new chef (a transplant from 20.21 in NYC) is very good.