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Mar 31, 2007 02:33 PM

Can someone tell me about Omakase at Tojo's Vancouver

I am planning my Summer vacation to Vancouver and I am seriously considering doing the Omakase at Tojo's. (Can someone PLEASE tell me how to pronounce that so that I don't sound like an idiot if I order it ;-) ) - I just have several questions

Is it worth it?
How much money should I spend? (I assume the price you tell them you want to pay doesn't include tax and tip - or drinks.)
Should I sit at the bar or a table? (I'll be dining solo)
What is the best time to go? (I usually don't eat dinner late, but it seems the usual dinner time in these large cities is around 8pm)

Here is a STUPID question, but I think it is important - How do I know when the meal is over? (I told you it was a stupid question ... but I get nervous over these things -haha!)


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  1. omakase pronouce as ( o ma ka sea) don't feel umbrassed about this, no body born with the other language,

    omakase in japanese mean "chef i am in your hand" all you need to tell them is your dislike or your food allergy, the rest is up to the chef

    how much should i spend? that is totally up to you, first time i went to tojo's (old location)with my best friend, we each have 17 courses, it was great, the bill comes to $368 no wine, no alcohol plus 80 dollars tips. Second time with my girlfrend at the current location, the bill comes to 321, with $70 of sake. the total with tips comes to 370. and we had 9 course each. IMHO It wasn't as great as the old location

    is no set price, pretty much the more you eat the more you pay, Omakase only provide at the sushi bar anyway. (i think)

    when the meal is over? they will ask you, would you like more? or what else would you like to try next course, by the time you can't handle it anymore, they will present you with the dessert. and the check of couse

    good luck.

    1. I'll tell you to spend your sushi dollars somewhere other than Tojo's. We made reservations and specificallly requested the more expensive omakase when doing so. I confirmed the reservation TWICE before arriving at the restaurant. We were treated like crap, shuttled off to an uncomfortable vestibule and left to sit for 20 minutes without being asked if we wanted a drink. When I reminded the jerk that greeted us that we had a reservation for the omakase at the sushi bar he nodded without saying anything and walked away, never to be seen again. A restaurant that would treat patrons ready to spend in excess of $300 in such a manner is not deserving of a true Chowhound's business, or anyone else's for that matter. If you still decide to go, please tell Tojo for me that he is a freaking tool.

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      1. re: GroovinGourmet

        LOL GroovinGourmet! I think you better give him that message yourself :-D

        Ok, 2 people say it isn't worth it ... The truth is, I am really on a budget and I just wanted to splurge this once. I was thinking it would be worth it.

        I LOVE Sushi, where would be a better place to go?

          1. re: rachelfromatlanta

            I am shocked at your report GroovinGourmet - I have been treated wonderfully at Mr Tojo's. I love this place. The Omakase was out of this world. We paid $120 pp for the Omakase and we were finsihed when we told Mr Tojo we were nearly full... We had 11 dishes in total and had 2 sake cocktails, a bottle of wine and water. Including tip we spent just under $400.
            I was one of the best meals I have ever eaten and certainly was a mindblowing experience.

            1. re: loisstella

              i wouldn't say that the tojo's experience is "mindblowing". being japanese and lover of sushi, i would say its pretty average IMHO.

              1. re: loisstella

                Trust me, you aren't half as shocked as we were given our expectations. After a near-perfect evening at West the night before, we were both looking forward to what we had hoped would be the finest sushi experience of our lives, given the rep. I'm glad we bailed (with no one even acknowledging us on the way out). Tojo blows and doesn't deserve a penny of my hard earned cash.

                1. re: GroovinGourmet

                  Guess I'll be changing my plans around.. we were scheduled to check out Tojo this weekend..

                  Any alternate recommendations? We're coming from land-locked Calgary this weekend and looking for an awesome sushi meal.

                  1. re: taiphun

                    I second Sam's rec on Octopus Garden. Their blue fin tuna is the best sashimi of any kind I have tried to date.

                    1. re: Alberto

                      My wife and I had the Omakase at Tojo's on Friday (Aug 3, 2007). We had a wedding on Saturday and decided to fly in a day early just to eat at Tojo's.

                      Our experience was spectacular, this was easily one of the top 5 meals of our lives. We came in with very high expectations and the Omakase matched those expectations in every way. We had about 9 courses in all with both cold Sake and Hot Sake (we ordered premium sake), the total with tip was $400.

                      some of the highlight dishes we had...
                      1) Smoked sable fish, wrapped in parchment paper along with root vegatables and mushrooms...mmm, amazing and buttery.
                      2) Tempura Lobster and Pinepple wrapped in a soft crepe...sweet juicy and succulent, thank god he gave us three rolls each, so many flavours that my senses were allover the place.
                      3) Dungeness Crab Salad - minced and served with julianne slices of apple on the bottom. On top a cute baby edible crab that when you eat it cruches at first them melts away in your mouth, truly amazing texture and taste, so unique.
                      4) Bluefin Tuna Toro - Best fish ever!
                      5) Tuna and Salmon egg hand roll - the first and only hand roll I've ever liked!! Generally, what turns me off of handrolls is the tough seaweed, I find it delicious in normal rolls and small quantities but not in large amounts. But Tojo's uses a delicious and very fine seaweed for their rolls that melts in your mouth and is easy to eat!! mmmm..
                      6) Steaming Hot Tempura Artichoke Flower stuffed with scallops, accompanied by two small tempura hot chilies, which you ate first. Just amazingly delicious.

                      So we had a great experience and we will go back next time we're in Vancouver.

          2. Reviving an old post here.

            We will be paying Tojo san a viist this week, a company of four. Just wondering, if we were to venture out of the omakase (adventurous enough on its own, undoubtfully!), what would be some of the dishes that you would recommend from the regular menu?

            also, one of us is thinking of opting for the vegetarian omakase (he is vegetarian). What are your experiences?

            thank you

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            1. re: happycamper

              I was there a couple of months ago, and it was absolutely fabulous. They have omakase at different price points starting at $60pp. We were 4 and some had the $80 and some the $60. The $60 had one less course but still plenty of food, and the selections were different. I thought the $80 one was well worth the extra $20, if I were to do it again I'd opt for the $110 to see what the difference is. The service was great, the food was incredible - one of the highlights of the trip.