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Mar 31, 2007 02:19 PM

Hie thee hence to Scoops...

Tai is having a very good day. On the menu:

Foie Gras and sweet cream (he swore he'd never do this... but there it was when I arrived).
Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sea Salt in a frozen mousse (lighter and saltier than it was the last time I had it).
Champagne and Asian Pear Sorbet (he recomends pairing this with the Foie Gras).

Not to mention the other radical experiments (blueberry/marscapone, vanilla/amaretto/nutmeg, vegan-pumpkin seed and so forth) from the mind of Mr. Kim.

All available today only... or until he runs out. Move fast if you're curious.

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  1. Emphasis on move fast even for regular flavors. Once we went at about 8 on a Saturday night and most flavors had been sold out; we only had about 4 to choose from.

    1. For future reference, where is Scoops? Do you know when it tends to be open?

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      1. I'd like to drop a note about Scoops...

        I've only been there once, made the trek and I was disappointed. While the flavors are obviously very inventive I didn't care for the actual quality of the ice cream. I think I tried every flavor (he was quite generous in this) but to be honest, I felt that most of the flavors weren't balanced well and that the ice cream itsself was icy, not a good quality. That said, if you're looking for some of the oddest and most interestingly flavored ice cream you can't beat Scoops.

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          I would tend to agree -- I love the flavor of the pomegranate poppy seed, which seems to be creamier than some of the others but with a nice tang as well. But the other flavor I had last time -- something with green tea, I think -- was kind of watery.
          Still a very cool place, but it's not what is called super-premium ice cream with high milk fat content like Dr. Bob's.

          1. re: Chowpatty

            I tend to disagree! I do like a lot of the flavors at Scoops, a few have not been to my taste but obviously appeal to others. It is hard for my lads to find something there as they are more into traditional ice cream flavors. I have not tried the vegan choices. All that said, it is unfair to compare the regular (non-vegan) selection at Scoops to Dr. Bob's. Scoops makes gelato which by defination has a much lower milk fat content than the American style ice cream that Dr. Bob's produces.

            I think that both places produce a very fine but different product. And as I have said in other threads, none of the popular ice cream places in L.A. can compare to the best that I've enjoyed in San Francisco!!!

            1. re: sel

              Concur with you sel.

              The stuff at Scoops is not meant to be the super-rich, high butter fat ice cream. In fact, it cannot be, because the inventive and off-the-wall flavors would be drowned out by all that cream.

              Both types of ice cream are good -- they're just different.

        2. I had the olive oil/sea salt yesterday as well. I am off to NYC this week and was itching to get to Otto to try Batali's olive oil gelato, but don't feel the mad rush any more. This was one of the best flavors I have had at Scoops thus far. The foie gras sample I had was very subtle and not very pronounced, but I had to try it!

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          1. re: djquinnc

            I loved the olive oil too. Thanks for inspiring me to go yesterday!