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Mar 31, 2007 02:19 PM

Ted's Montana Grill, been there yet?

I gave up red meat for Lent and the countdown is on! I was thinking about going to Ted's Montana Grill on Easter Monday. Has any chowhounds been there yet?

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  1. Shouldn't this be in "Chains?".

    But to address the question, it's not very good. It's one of those places that ask you if you've eaten there before, so they can explain the "concept" to you. I hate that.

    Um, it's a restaurant- the concept is- I order food, and you bring it to me.

    1. I've been there once and had my first Bison burger. Not bad.
      Cheesemonger sounds a bit angry but I don't think his/her reply was of much use to you.

      I would suggest doing a search on the New England board for Ted's Montana Grill. I'm certain I've posted something about it here....but it wouldn't hurt to search the Chain's board either.

      1. There is a TED's in Atlanta, Bision everything....If you like bision that is the place to be, but if you do not, then stay away! they are a little over priced for what they have got, if you check the actual price of bision then you can get it WAY cheaper elsewhere....I would pick another place for your end of lent celebration....I am sure there is a better steak house close to you, Teds is not what i would choose....

        1. There is one located in South Windsor Ct. at Evergreen Walk Mall area. Seems to be a bit pricy for what you get. Have heard good coments and bad. I nice place that might meet your idea for a good Steak would be Dakota's . There is one in Rocky Hill on Rt. 99 and there is one in Avon on Rt. 44 They both serve a nice steak dinner. With different choices. Hope you have good luck. Earle

          1. If you do go, order a bison burger -- they are delicious! I thought the food there was very good but I do agree it is a bit pricey.