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Mar 31, 2007 01:57 PM

new soup obsession/quest: tonkotsu ramen


A lot has been posted about sushi places here in calgary, but I couldn't find any information about Japanese places and ramen. Does someone know of a good place for tonkotsu ramen (pork). I am seeking the richest most flavorful broth that pig bones can yield. The noodles are secondary to me since I can't eat wheat. thanks!

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  1. Misai Japanese Restaurant, #7, 1915-32 Ave NE - Misai offers the most authentic Japanese food I have had in North America. Most people think of sushi or sashimi or noodle soups being the only food Japanese restaurants serve. Misai offers many dishes that remind me of my trips to Japan and the dinners I had with my hosts after work. We rarely ate sushi or sashimi dishes as these were quite expensive. It is very traditional in Japan to go out after work and share many different dishes (Tapas style) and drink lots of beer and sake. Misai offers this same experience to its customers and, while their sushi and sashimi dishes look great (check out their Dragon roll) I have to confess that I go there for the more traditional fare not found in other Japanese restaurants in town. Their menu is quite large (well over 100 selections) so you will find lots of things to sample. The room features a style that is traditional but incorporates the need for Western comforts. You can choose to sit in a Tatami room or you may choose a conventional booth or table. My advice is to go with a group of friends and sit in a Tatami room and enjoy some privacy. Besides the fact that you will have a tremendous Japanese dining experience with great food the best part is the price. Misai provides excellent value for what you are served. Ph: 250-1688

    Their tonkatsu soup is FULL of pork bone flavor. I hope it is as good as I remember! Enjoy!

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      Sushi Hibiki (used to be known at Cafe de Tokyo) Specializing in Japanese dishes including ramen. Have not been since the neme change / renovation. But it was really the only place in Calgary that had ramen that tasted similar to that found in Japan.

      1. re: JWh

        So is it the same owners with just a name change and reno?

        thanks for both of the recommendations. I have had the ramen at Misai, which I liked very much. The problem is that they double-charged our credit card for one visit (two different amounts), which they denied doing. My husband has since refused to return. I suppose that my one year old couldn't tell on me if I snuck out there myself.

        1. re: alex8alot

          Good tip...that's pretty shady of them. I'll use cash from now on!

          1. re: alex8alot

            You can get your credit card company to get the sales drafts for you, all it takes is a phone call. Obviously one will have your signature and the other won't, and it will get reversed by your card company. It takes about a month.

            I second JWh on Cafe de Tokyo, best/only ramen noodles in Calgary. I didn't know about the name change :) so I guess it's been a while since I've been.

            1. re: hsk

              I will check out the new cafe de tokyo, fingers crossed. And my husband did work out the problem with the credit card company, they were great. But he remains convinced that the restaurant people are crooks and refuses to return on principle. It's awfully tempting to forego principle for that good soup, but oh well.

          2. re: JWh

            Wow, totally forgot about that place. I need to go back since it was really good. I'm really happy they renovated because it was a total dive.

            I still think Chaya in Banff is better though.

            1. re: Shazam

              Used to go to Cafe de Tokyo as well and really enjoyed it with the old owner. After the old owner retired, I switched to Shikiji on Centre and 16th Ave. I actually like this much better then Cafe de Tokyo. Shikiji, while not as good as the ramen I've had in Tokyo, is very good. They have three styles of broth (miso, shio and regular/soya). All come with pork and they will cook the noodles to the firmness you want (like they do in Tokyo).
              Haven't been back to the Cafe de Tokyo since the name change either as I assumed the quality of the soup would have left with the old owner (don't think he passed on his recipes to anyone). But will give it a shot - although it seems no one else has partaken of the restaurant since the name change either.