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Mar 31, 2007 01:15 PM

Cambria - The Sow's Ear & Robin's

Visited Cambria this week and had a chance to try both places.
The Sow's Ear: Interesting mix of comfort food with modern influences. I tried the lobster pot pie, which was more of a lobster bisque with a lovely puff pastry on top. There were huge chunks of lobster inside - a nice treat. It came with a side of perfectly cooked wild rice and steamed veggies. Very filling and satisfying for a chilly night. My mother had the grilled shark and it was tender and well spiced. We didn't try dessert because we were too busy filling up on the flower pot bread.

Robin's: What a nice, romantic space. I made the mistake of ordering the tagliatelle with butternut squash, pancetta and langoustines in a brown butter/marscarpone sauce (the description makes my mouth water all over again, but...). It was dry and almost flavorless. Too bad, it could have been executed so much better. I rarely order pasta but it sounded so mom had the kobe skirt steak which was absolutely outstanding. It was marinated in a teriyaki sauce and grilled to perfection. It was super tender and came with delicious mashed potatoes and grilled veggies. It's just too bad that the other entree wasn't as delicious. Still, i would try Robin's again. The service was great, and I have a feeling the other "meatier" entrees may have been a bit tastier.

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  1. I have also enjoyed both the Sow's Ear and Robin's... the service at the Sow's Ear couldn't have been nicer.. had the best clam chowder so far on the central coast there.. (I've been having a hard time finding good clam chowder in the area believe it or not).. the flower pot bread was both cute and delicious.. Robin's is great for outdoor dining in the afternoon and for eclectic fare.. I was rather dissappointed with Linn's though.. even though their pies are top notch, the service and entrees at the restaurant left lots to be desired.

    1. I also was disappointed with a Thai noodle dish at Robins. I guess the sticking with meat and veg is safer. They have some nice desserts also.