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Mar 31, 2007 12:45 PM

Intimate 50th birthday dinner...

I'm looking for a place in Boston/Cambridge for surprise 50th dinner party for my fiance. There will only be one other couple with us, but it will be his best friend who he hasn't seen in several years and so I want them to be able to have a nice visit - so not too formal a place, don't want them to be afraid to have a good laugh - but still a special dinner (terrific food, terrific service, special atmosphere, etc.) I'm wondering if anyone knows of a place with a tiny private room, like a wine cellar-type thing? But I'll happily take other suggestions! Thanks so much.

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  1. locke-ober has quite a few small rooms upstairs. small rooms just for 4 are hard to find elsewhere.

    1. It's not a wine cellar, but Mamma Maria in the North End has a private room that holds a table for four. I went there for my 21st birthday and sat in that room. It made the night really special! The food there is really fantastic also so you definitely cannot go wrong!

      1. Pigalle in the theater district is nice. McCormick & Schmicks on Stuart St. is chain seafood, but has booths that are enclosed with curtain.

        1. A bit outside of your requested area, but La Campania in Waltham allows you to reserve the table IN their enclosed wine room. Warning - it can be cool in there, as should be expected, so dress accordingly. La Campania fits your food/service/atmosphere requirements to a T!

          1. i just remembered fugakyu has those little booths with sliding bamboo doors, perfect for 2 couples.