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Mar 31, 2007 12:44 PM

Siding Cafe

My boss took me to lunch yesterday to the Siding Cafe (haven't been there for about a year) and I can confirm, unfortunately, that it has indeed gone downhill. We both had the soup of the day (Carrot Ginger ) which was not bad but it was luke warm, bordering on cold. Another annoying aspect of the first course was that our soup did not come with any bread or rolls. When I brought this to the attention of our waitress she gave me a dirty look and went off in huff. She later returned with what amounted to four slices of brown sandwich bread and to make matters worse, my boss later told me that they charged us for the four slices of bread.
With respect to our mains I ordered their frittata which I have enjoyed in the past, however, on this occasion the chef had obviously left it in the oven too long because it was cooked for fair. My boss had more success with his grilled salmon sandwich special which he said was pretty good.
As for the service it was rather underwhelming to say the least.
It is quite unfortunate that the SC has fallen to these depths because when it first opened I thought they did a very good job. A good example of " if it ain't broke don't fix it".

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  1. Yup this place is baaaaddd. I don't even consider it anymore when trying to figure out where to go for breakfast or lunch. I have had some other people submit some pretty bad reviews to my personal blog. It's too bad because the guy who owns Siding Cafe also owns Murrieta's, Tribune, Cellar Wine Store...and they're all top shelp spots. This place is the ugly stepchild of the group for sure.

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      I had the displeasure of having breakfast there last Weekend (when I was upset to find the Palamino isn't open on Sundays for brunch) I have had such a bad run of food and service in the last few months, by poor boyfriend doesn't want to take me out anymore!

      Our breakfast started out by being seated way way in the back next to the fake fireplace sans heat, up on the upper level all alone, to be forgotten for about 10 minutes before I finally made eye contact with a server who asked if we needed something...."ummm yes service!".. her response "did someone seat you here?".... ah no we picked the best seat in the house and thought we'd enjoy the view. so off to a rocky start... we waited again 10 more minutes for a cup of joe, followed minutes latter by a menu upon a second request! poor service aside, the food was just ok. I had the frittata and while it was loaded with veg, it had almost no egg.
      poor service + food lacking everything shy of nutrients = one more addition to my Black List!

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        Conspiracy theory: Murrietta's group is trying to choke this place to death because it was an actual reasonably priced, good value restaurant downtown. They run the coffeehouse upstairs (Pallette) in art central- any reason why they cannot afford a real tamper (cost: as little as $15) so that the baristas can make a decent espresso? Is it because they don't want Siding or Pallette to succeed?

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. I know this post is a bit older but does anybody know if Siding has the same owners/chef and if not where they have gone?

        Before the renos I used to eat here 2-3 times a week and bring in clients and staff for working breakfasts. The food and atmosphere was fantastic and the apple baked pancake was very special. I used to love sitting at the front counter, read a paper, eat breakfast and get my day started on the right track. And the staff used to be great very friendly and chatty.

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