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Mar 31, 2007 12:30 PM

Union County Get-Together?

It seems like there are several Chowhounds in Union County (particularly Westfield/Scotch Plains). Is anyone interested in meeting for dinner at a local restaurant? I'm willing to coordinate. Please contact me via email: danmaryelizabeth AT hotmail dot com. Include the following info:
-number of people in your party
-preferred time and day of the week
-generally availability during the second half of April
-suggestions for restaurants (favorites or new places to try)

Hope to meet some of you soon!
Mary Elizabeth

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  1. Hi Maryelizabeth,

    My husband and I would probably be up for it. Weekends would be best for us because my husband travels for business a lot. Possibly a weeknight if he were in town, but it would then have to be on the later side since I commute back home from NYC to SP and you never can count on NJ Transit to get you where you need to be when you really need to be there.

    I suggest going to Snuffy's (ONLY KIDDING!!!)

    I know you said to email you, I'll do that too so you have my email, but I'm at work so I figured I'd pop this out since I'm on the board right now :-)