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Mar 31, 2007 12:10 PM

Korean BBQ in Houston?

Does anyone know of any here in Houston? I have been in Dallas but no luck here in Houston.

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  1. Go down Long Point, and there are restaurants everywhere. Unfortunately, I don't specifically remember any names because I've just been brought to them by Korean friends.

    I'm sure someone will name a good place around there!

    1. Longpoint is a great place to start.
      Airang on Bellaire is supposed to be very good, I'll be there tomorrow so I'll let you know.

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        Airarang rocked. Try the seafood pancake as well. The tempura was also very good. the bulgoki and short rib meats were excellent. The squid was tough. We tried cooking just a short time but it was to tough we tried cooking for a long time and it was tough? Maybe I just can't cook squid?

      2. On Long point, Korea Garden is quite good & very friendly. Seoul Garden almost acorss the street) is also good, but with some attitude.

        1. I agree with Long Point. There is one that we usually go to off of Bellaire and Fondren called Sam Bo Jung. Very tasty. The staff hardly speaks English though but its worth going though.

          1. Last Sunday, with the whole afternoon free I began a cruise up Long Point. I was in search of something I had read about in John T Edge's Fried Chicken book. KFC or Korean Fried Chicken. Seems to be popular on the west coast but I struck out at the Korean restaurants along Long Point. I ended up for lunch at my favorite place to eat Korean food (I like Arirang and Seoul Garden too, though). In the KOMART grocery store on Gessner near to I-10 they have four little 'fast food' places inside the grocery store that turn out terrific Korean food, each with its own specialties. I personally like to have the bibimbop at one and the crispy syrup dipped chicken wings at another.