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Mar 31, 2007 11:59 AM

Q's re: salted duck eggs

I found a six pack of these, minus one, while cleaning out my cupboard. I know I bought them within the last year, but I'm not 100% sure when. Can't find a "use-by" date. Anyone know the shelf life of these little gems?

The one I did use became part of a jook...any other ideas on how to use the rest, if they are good? I saw a steamed pork with duck egg recipe on this board that is on my fridge...

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  1. are they the black ones? if so, they are probably still good. another way to eat them is with cold tofu, sesame oil and soy sauce, as a cold appetizer or snack. yummy. also, they tast good cooked into steamed egg type of dish with pork, which may be the recipe that you have. i love pi dan

    1. If you're talking about salted duck eggs and not the 1000-year eggs, the best way to know if they're still good is to break one open. If it looks really cloudy and the yolk is starting to fall apart and it just smells a bit off, don't use it. They should be pretty well-preserved though.

      1. pi dan and salted eggs are two different things. As for the shelf life of salted eggs they have been known to be edible for years. I think the smell test is a good way to go, unless you are feeding them to immune sensitve people (kids, elderly). If it smells rotten cut your losses. I think I would say the same for the shelf life of pi dan.

        1. Thanks all. These are not the black ones (pi dan - new word for me!) - I used all those up during my aforementioned jook fixation. I just sacrificed one for the smell test, and I think I am good to go. Other recipes welcome!

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            salted duck eggs and plain white rice congee/soup is my preferred mode of consumption for those little round bits of heaven. i love to make/get the double yolk kind just because the yolk (to me) is the best part! red/orange, salty, oily, yummy goodness!! mmm...

          2. My favorite Filipino salad! The whole is better than the sum of its parts: basically nothing more than salted eggs and good tomatoes. You should have about 3 parts tomato to 1 part salted egg, Cut the tomatoes into 1/2 inch-cubes. Do the same with the salted eggs, leaving out about half of the egg white, which you can throw away. (You can seed the tomatoes if you wish, and there's no need to be terribly neat or precise with cutting up the eggs.) Toss together and serve. Optional additions are sliced sweet onion or shallot and/or a generous sprinkling of cilantro leaves. Some of the yolk will dissolve in the tomato, making this look a bit messy, but the combination of flavors is wonderful. Enjoy!

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              pilinut - another version of the Filipino salad with salted egg would be with chopped green mangoes, red onions, tomatoes and salted egg. perfect with a meal of grilled pork or fish....

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                Thanks for reminding me about the green mangoes! I just saw some at the local supermarket.

                P.S., Perhaps you could post about Antonio's in Tagaytay. I've only been there once, but I thought it was terrific.