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Mar 31, 2007 11:24 AM

Anybody Try The "Fish Puff" At Hong Kong Deli in San Gabriel

Hong Kong Deli is a Hong Kong style cafe (not the dreaded oxtail with spaghetti type of Hong Kong cafe food) which is so popular that they opened up a second location just 5 blocks away on Valley Bl. from their original store. The newer location is at 301 W. Valley Bl., #115, in the space formerly occupied by Homestyle Restaurant. The feature item on their relatively limited menu is something called fish puff. It's their feature soup item and part of most of their house specials. I was expecting fish maw when I ordered their fish puff with egg white and soft tofu dish. But instead I get something that appeared to be a vegetarian imitation of fish cake, perhaps made out of mushrooms. Any thoughts on what this fish puff really is?

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  1. Does it have any resemblance to the ubiquitous fishball?

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      No. It looked like Asian fish cake, which I believe is similar to fish balls made of a mixture of fish meat and starch and which has a chewy texture. But the fish puffs were not at all chewy which leads me to believe that it might be vegetarian in nature.