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Mar 31, 2007 10:14 AM

The Modern Bar Room?

I'm going tomorrow night the the bar room at the modern, have never been and am very excited. Anything I should or shouldn't miss, reccomedations of experiences would be appreciated.
Thank you!

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  1. The Alsatian flatbread is insanely good. It's like a pizza. Also, many of their cocktails are particularly delicious -- the mojito seems to alternate between blood orange or lychee and they are both quite beautiful and rather tasty.

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    1. re: chompchomp

      I second the flatbread (tarte flambee). I'd also add the veal and goat cheese terrine and the Modern chocolate tart.

    2. Those flatbread are very good.
      Also, if you're ordering dessert, try the Beignet with ice cream. Memorable.

      1. I thought the tarte flambe was ok but not a standout.

        I had the egg in a jar, the yellowfin tuna, wild mushroom soup, and warm veal and goat cheese terrine. All were outstanding, esp. the egg in a jar.

        1. Egg in the jar. Fantastic.

          - Sean

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            I'd say the Modern's Bar Room is inconsistant.... it's either very good, or poor. The person I went with and I shared most of our meals (Which were small, but I thought well in proportion- I think the value was actually quite suffice cause the meals leave you surprising stuffed) and betweent he two of us, our meal was 50/50.

            We tried to do some of the boards recommendations- we ordered the "coming up roses", and it was basically a jazzed up club soda for 12 bucks. I've seen it done elsewhere cuter too. (The whole rose petals thing)

            The bread they brought out, once again, 50/50. They had baguet's, which were a little too hard...and truly wonderful rye bread. It was only the beginning of things to come being uneven.

            Then, we went on to appetizers. I had the mushroom soup, my dining partner ordered the steak tartar (Which, I should have listened to our waiter- whom recommended that). Hers was EXCELLENT. Mine was unfortunately nearly sickening.

            We shared a pizza next...which was just enormous compared to what i would have expected. This could have been our entire meal. I was expecting something completely different here. It was just drenched in onions...I don't even know how to describe it. It was certainly edible, not the greatest, but completely decent. If your an onion lover, and want to save...I'd suggest splitting it as an appetizer before main coarses...cause its ENORMOUS.

            Next, our main courses. She had the Salmon, while I had the duck. Hers, this time was semi-typical...a little bland... while mine was perfect. Great potatos as well.

            For dessert, they didn't have the beignets everyone raves about, but they did have this pistacchio dish that was out of this world. The French usually don't butcher dessert.

            However, the most impressive part of the meal I would say would have to have been the service. Even though I wasn't in love with the food, I would go back simply for the service alone. Our waiter was impeccable, and we were doted on. Whenever we finished one thing, they were quick to get it away, and rush with the next thing we ordered- without being too all over us or be rushing us out the door. It seemed like everyone in the restaurant was attentive to our needs with a smile. Truly magnificent customer service- which the city is so very lacking.

            I'd say 2 1/2 stars on the food. 5 stars on the service.

            1. re: ACknowsStyle

              I agree with you on the 50/50 on food - I have very good ones, and very mediocre ones.

              But the service - my experiences were never that great. Not typical of Danny Meyer's restaurants, but I was not impressed by the service at all. I will give 2 1/2 for service instead.

              Nowadays I go to Maze at the London Hotel more because the food is slightly better and the service is significantly better.

              1. re: ACknowsStyle

                Wow, I've always had the opposite experience. All my food (and my friends' food) has been good to fantastic. I have tried the swordfish, gazpacho, steak tartare, egg in a jar, seared foie gras, sage gnocchi, rib eye, artic char tartare, a fig salad, roasted long island duck, beignets (usually get 2-3 orders).

                But the service has been absent-minded. Waiters that are nowhere to be found...long gaps in service. The busboys, however, are very attentive.

                As for the "pizza" you mean tarte flambee, which is Alsatian flatbread? It's not pizza, really, so you should have been warned...

                1. re: kathryn

                  Hi kathryn,

                  I know you are a big fan of Modern Bar, so I guess it may be inconsistent food as ACknowStyle mentioned? I have also tried all the dishes that you mentioned (and I think the entire menu before any recent changes). I did like the egg in jar, seared foie gras, and beignets. Others I found ok but not anything special. Artic char tartare and gnocchi were the ones that I considered poor.

                  Anyway, I respect everyone's opinion and it all comes down to personal preference when it comes to food. However, I think we agree that the service needs some work.

            2. I thought the steak tartare and liver were both outstanding. The bartender with the beard is also a great time. Talk to him, he might let you try a few of his original concotions.

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              1. re: JungMann

                LOL, Kathryn, you're correct on the "Pizza"....that was what it was called- but cmon, a pizza for all intense purposes. I'm not that fancy! The waiter also identified it as a "Pizza" when breaking down the menu, which he attentively did bit by bit while reccomending dishes... which I just think is going above and beyond. I like communication with the waiter. My waiter was a friendly asian man, who was just absolutely wonderful... and I don't know, I would say it was just him- but the entire staff was there clearing our plates and waiting on us. Really, superb that night. On the ball.

                As far as consistancy- we can all agree on one thing- the Steak Tartare is apparently the best thing on the menu, cause it has raves from all of us. I didn't get the beignet's (sadness) so I can't judge, but my dessert (Pistacchio something) was great as well. The long island duck was excellent, yes.

                Anyone else think the mushroom soup was nauseating? "Pizza" was lackluster? Even the original bread, a 50/50 experience?

                1. re: ACknowsStyle

                  Technically the tarte flambe is not pizza, it's a little like saying ramen noodles is spaghetti. There's no tomato sauce or cheese on it.
                  The dessert you had was the pistachio dome, which is a pistachio creme brulee center inside a chocolate sabayon.