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Mar 31, 2007 10:03 AM

wine and beer for Sonoma wedding

My sister lives in San Francisco and is getting married in Geyserville in July. We're looking for someplace in the Bay area to buy cases of good wine (and beer) at a good price. Recommendations? What about hard liquor? TIA.

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  1. Check out Costco,BevMo,and sometimes Cost Plus.

    1. This clearly depends upon what you are looking for, and where the wedding is.

      For instance, if the wedding is at a winery, odds are they require you to buy their own wines; some caterers/locations will buy what you want them to, but they may insist on buying it; and some places may not permit hard liquor to be brought in.

      Some stores have great wines at very good prices. Other stores have good wines at great prices. What *sort* of wines are you looking for? What price range is within our budget?

      What type(s) of beer? Do you want to serve a beer on tap, or offer a variety of beers in bottles?

      If you are looking for "popular priced" wines at a great price, then Costco is a great choice. The sale goes for beer.

      If you are looking for a wider selection of better wines at good prices, then BevMo is a good option -- also for beer, and for beer in kegs.

      The bottom line, however, is that it really all depends upon the wedding couple and the menu. Take my own wedding as an example of what I mean:

      After 30+ years in the California wine trade, and having 150 guests -- at least 40% of the guests either winemakers, winery owners, winery sales reps, sommeliers or *very* knowledgable consumers -- what could I possibly serve? Given the food we were serving, I chose a Côtes-du-Rhônes Villages for the red and an Alsatian Pinot Blanc for the white -- both cost between $10-15 at full retail, and everyone raved about the wines and the food . . .

      I'm not suggesting that's what you get, but I am suggesting that you don't need to spend a lot of money to get some great wines for a wedding. And in that regard, I wouldn't overlook such "speciality" retailers as Kermit Lynch, Paul Marcus or Vintage Berkeley (to name but three examples).