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Mar 31, 2007 09:50 AM

Prince II?

For some reason I'm having trouble replying to Lau on my Bars in Flushing post so I'll try this way...What/where is Prince II?

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  1. Prince II is a korean bar in flushing, you get drinks as well as snack type food (duk boki, tang su yuk etc) let me get the exact address for you

    There are some other bars as well, but let me think about it

      1. re: Lau

        prince ii is a drinking place mainly for youngins (think young 20something year olds).

        this is not the type of bar you go to by yourself. korean drinking places are meant to be attended by groups of people (typically 4+). you get a table, you order a bottle of soju, johnny walker of whatever color you can afford, or a hard liquor of your choice. it is marked up very high, as one can expect.

        you then order a platter of some sort in addition to that - you can order ahn-joo, which is a platter of various fruit. or, you can get things like korean fried chicken (popular for drinking), spicy korean rice fried cake (dduk boki), or other types of korean dishes meant to be shared by a group.

        you basically sit, talk and get drunk! those bathrooms are typically filled with many young girls throwing up.