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Mar 31, 2007 08:43 AM

ANYTHING for a hound between SA and Kingsville?

I have to take a quick trip to Kingsville - I found a couple of recs for there, but it looks like timing puts both lunch and dinner somewhere between San Antonio and Kingsville. Is there any chow-worthy destination on that strip of I37? Something in Alice? I need something to look forward to besides 8 hours of driving!

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  1. I may have gotten round to this too late to be of value:

    Van's BBQ in Oakville - Place is not much to look at but some would say quaint. Brisket was just average. Sausage was above average and required that an additional half link be ordered. Service was excellent. Prices were OK. Unless some remodeling has occurred, it is advisable to avoid the "facilities"

    Joe Cottens BBQ in Robstown - Has a kind of typical BBQ joint appearance and atmosphere. Has several rooms that give the appearance that the place may have been expanded once or twice. Brisket is good to very good. Ribs are very good (according to my wife). The sausage is just stand-out excellent in my opinion. It is simply some of the best I have ever encountered (and I know my way around Lockhart and Llano). The texture, greasiness and flavor of Cotten's sausage are spot-on ( opinion). In my experience, Cotten's is the best BBQ joint south of San Antonio (north of SA is another matter). Prices are toward the higher end and the sides are just plain pricey (I avoid these). Bring cash and don't come on Sunday or Monday.

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      Thanks for this...I drove right past Joe Cottens - next time, for sure!