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Mar 31, 2007 08:15 AM

Mykonos in Dobbs Ferry.

I was quite excited to learn that a new Greek restaurant had opened withing walking distance of my home. It looked quite nice on the outside. Unfortunately the eating experience left a lot to be desired. Gyro sauce was weak and not even vaguely reminiscent of the "real deal" found in any Greek city. The greek salad was no better. Bland feta cheese. You can easily find tastier feta in the supermarket. I haven't given up completely on the restaurant and want to give it one last try. Has anyone ordered something that they really liked here?

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  1. I went there a few days ago with my wife for lunch and am sorry to say that it was one of the worst meals that both of us have had in awhile. I had the grilled calamari over Greek salad and my wife had the shrimp souvlaki. My calamari looked like it was boiled with no grill marks and still had the plastic like cartilage inside, the salad was drenched in a way to vinegary dressing and the presentation was awful. My wife dish was bland tasting and looking, her pita bread was lightly warmed and not seasoned at all and her shrimp looked dry and wrinkled (like it sat under a broiler) and at one point I asked my wife if she asked for her sandwich dry or sauce on the side and she replied with a firm “NO!” . It is unfortunate because I enjoy Greek food very much and hope that they can correct what hopefully is just grand opening kinks. For now the closest to decent Greek food is Nikos in White Plains.

    1. Let me be the first to strongly disagree with the two posts so far. This is not only one of the best Greek restaurants in Westchester, but probably in the Tri-State Region, including New York City (and that includes those in Astoria, Queens). I have eaten in a number of Greek restaurants over the last thirty-five years, starting with the Symposium by Columbia University during my college days. It is interesting that "sausagekingofny" mentions Nikos in WHite Plains, because having eaten there a number of times, we compared it last night to Mykonos, which stands head-and shoulders above that place. Also Mykonos is much, much better than some other Westchester favorites like Lefteris in Tarrytown (and now Mt. Kisco as well). BTW -- I happen to like Lefteris, given that I live in Sleepy Hollow, but, in short, Mykonos served one of the best meals I've ever had, the staff was friendly, and the service perfect. No, I'm not in any way affiliated with this place, but the word should get out.

      After having some complimentary Skordalia (with excellent warm pita), we started with the Shrimp Saganaki, which was a delicious variation on the traditional broiled cheese with lemon. The shrimp were perfectly grilled, with a nice charcoal flavor bite, and blended into the cheese with a delicious tomato-based sauce. Next, as a fan of Taramosalata, I was impressed that Mykonos actually makes their own, and does not get it in the five gallon plastic tubs like some other Westchester restaurants do ;) -- the dip was neither too bland, nor too salty and briny. Just delicious. For a main course, the grilled octopus was simply the best that I've ever had in the U.S. or on the Mediterranean -- and I am addicted to things like grilled octopus. Nikos' grilled octopus does not even compare to this -- this was fresh, again with a hint of char-broil flavor, and critical to this dish, it was tender and moist, but without being too soft and gooey. All served on a bed of thinly sliced and grilled eggplant -- fabulous eggplant -- finally with flavor that is often missing in this vegetable.

      The meal was accompanied by an excellent retsina -- I'm sorry I don't remember the name -- but ask the bartender or the manager for the imported Greek retsina that does not taste like any retsina you have ever had -- not at all like drinking wine mixed with a baseball pitcher's resin rag. For dessert, finish it with a thick, gritty, incredibly strong Greek coffee (unprompted, the server offered three choices -- regular, moderate, or sweet).

      I just cannot recommend Mykonos highly enough. The best Greek food in Westchester.

      Give it a try, listen to the menu recommendations of the manager, -- I don't think you will at all be disappointed.

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        We've been there three times. The first two times, the food sparkled. The usual suspects -- grilled calamari, lemon roasted potatoes, Greek salad, dip assortment -- were as good as or better than anything I'd ever had in Astoria, where I lived for two years. And the lamb gyro on our second trip was almost impossibly tender and juicy. The service was also wonderful both times. Our only issue, and this is hardly a problem for management, was the difficulty of securing a table since reservations aren't accepted.

        The last time (about one month ago) wasn't the same -- the grilled calamari was adequate, nothing more; the lamb was overcooked and chewy, more along the line of what one would expect at Uncle George's (again in Astoria). When the owner asked us how we'd enjoyed our food, I was pretty frank. He was apologetic, and urged us to come back. Living five minutes away, we will. The biggest issue for us is the difficulty of actually getting in. Were we to have a second subpar experience, we'd have to rethink, but at this point, two out of three ain't bad at this price point.

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          I will absolutely give this place another try. Oh,and just for the record I have been to every Greek restaurant in Astoria and have been to Greece several times. So I know a decent amount about Greek food. Yasou! ;)

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            Given the nice write ups we drove to Dobbs Ferry. From the outside this restaurant looks promising. The service was good, however foodwise we have to agree with the first few writers, it was terrible. The salad was dried out like it had been sitting on the counter since morning. The the moussaka was greasy and somewhat tasteless. The gyro was bland as was the chicken souvlaki. No shining stars here. We will not return.

        2. Nikos in White Plains is very good but inconsistent. It has great ambience and friendly service. lefteris is t-town is really good but more of a take out place.

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            I wasn't totally impressed either during my first visit, but as when I gave them a second chance, I left much happier than the first time. They can still stand to tighten up the service and the presentation, but the food is good. Not great, but good enough for them to have room to grow and expand their selection without going out of business any time soon. I think they'll make it. Check them out.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Overpriced fair quality food. Uninspired menu. Not worth going to. Simply said.