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Mar 31, 2007 08:12 AM

Wedding in Montreal?

My fiancee and I are planning to get married in Montreal next July (2008). We'd really like to have it in a vineyard outside of the city, but we've had a hard time finding out about vineyards that cater.

We'd really like to have this out in the country a bit. Does anyone know of any places that can hold weddings (60-80 people, tops) outside of the city?

Other than that, we're looking for great, moderately-priced locations. Any help is really appreciated!

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  1. From what I've heard, a very casual but extremely fun option would be The Piggery Theatre in North Hatley.

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      A few years back some friends of mine got married at L'Orpailleur ( Beautiful setting, the ceremony was outside in front of vines. I'll confess I remember very little about the meal/wine options, but a good time was had. Fun little museum on Quebec viniculture, too. Goes back way further than I'd thought.

    2. Hi..there is this great home on the waterfront in the area of Vaudreuil (not far from montreal, more west) Called maison Tresler. ( and you can rent this home for events like this. It is really a beautiful home. I was considering it for myself but eventually had too many people :(. They only rent you the home, and you must find your own caterers but they have a long list that they can refer you too and they are very helpful. I would definately keep this place in mind. Have a look at the website. Unfortunately it seems the english site is under construction..but you can just look at the pics and then give them a call and i'm sure they'll be glad to answer any questions you have. Good luck! :)

      1. This is not outside the city, but it might appeal anyways, Auberge le Saint-Gabriel in Old Montreal.

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          These are all fantastic ideas! Thanks very much everyone.

          We really like the look of the vineyard, especially. Does anyone know of any other vineyards offering catering/wedding services around Montreal? Any help is really welcome.

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            Hiya, I found this vineyard in Sutton that actually has its own chapel:


            As far as catering goes, I'm sure you could find an Eastern Townships or Montreal caterer that would come to your location, rather than having to find a vineyard that does its own catering, which might be tricky. The place above even says that they are glad to recommend caterers, which I'm sure other vineyards that are used to hosting events would be happy to do as well.

            Good luck!

            p.s. lots of other area vineyards listed here -