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Mar 31, 2007 07:55 AM

Verona or Muse, Entertainment District T.O?

Going to a show tonight and need a recommendation for a place for dinner, easy walking distance to Blue Jay Way......usually the places in the area touristy...anyone been to Verona or Muse....or any other suggestions?

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  1. I find verona a bit stuffy and not too adventurous.. basic italian, And I know they changed owners about a year ago. Muse seems livelier but I have yet to eat there...

    1. Hey, I am going to check out Verona (King St.) this Friday evening. I have worked in the area for many years and never checked them out.
      Any suggestions from their menu?
      I will report back on the meal etc. afterwards.

      Verona Restaurant
      335 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1J5, CA

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        OK, we had a reservation for 9PM and we arrived about 10 minutes early and were seated right away. The restaurant was about half full however the level picked up soon after we arrived. As with most places along that strip there was a person standing outside with the menu ready to entice you to come in.

        As we were being seated the Hostess took our coats to the coat check so we wouldn't have to toss them over our chairs.
        Glasses were filled with water right away and our waiter arrived promptly with the menus.

        The decor was interesting and had a warm atmosphere to it. A mural of Venice in one place and other paintings throughout. Well appointed, clean and cozy.
        We weren't certain what we wanted so we decided to have a quick cocktail before dinner.

        For starters the Mrs. ordered one of the specials, a Pumpkin and Chestnut soup. I ordered the Portobello, Hearts of Palm & Camembert Cheese Salad.

        A basket of bread arrived soon thereafter and was accompanied by an olive tapenade on the side that was light tasting and enjoyable. The bread was fresh.

        Both of the starters arrived in a timely manner after ordering.
        The Mrs. was very impressed with the soup (OK, I had a taste as well when no one was looking). It arrived hot and the portion was quite ample. It can be described as flavourful, not bitter and the pieces of chestnut were a nice combination. Nice to see Ontario produce being used in a restaurant.
        The Salad was a pleasant surprise. Again the portion was ample and the flavours blended nicely together. The Baby Spinach was fresh and the dressing they used set everything up nicely as it was not overpowering and allowed the flavours of the ingredients to come through.

        We ordered an inexpensive Cotes du Rhone to go with the meal.

        For mains the Mrs. ordered the Linguine with Roasted Chicken, Red Onion, Rapini, Sweet Peppers, Sun Dried Tomato Sauce

        I ordered the Pan Seared Provimi Veal Marsala
        Garlic Mashed Potatoes, French Beans, Wild Mushrooms & Marsala Reduction.

        The timing between the starters and the main dishes was nice. It was not rushed and allowed us a couple of minutes to take things in. All the while the service was attentive.

        The Mrs. thoroughly enjoyed the Linguine. The chicken was tender, plentiful and tasty. The pasta was cooked properly as in al dente.

        My veal arrived stacked atop the mashed potatoes and the presentation was nice. Veal can be tricky and you can go to overcooked in the wink of an eye however they got this one right. The flavour of the veal was enjoyable and not overpowered by the Marsala reduction however I felt that the salt level could have been a little less than what I tasted.

        No room for desserts however they had a wide range of choices.

        As I mentioned above, the level of service was more than adequate and friendly. We did not find it stuffy at all. You would be at home dressed in business attire or casual. I would feel underdressed going in jeans, however that's just me.

        All in all this is a "step up" from some of the other places along that strip. Certainly a place you could go for a more intimate experience and the noise level allows for conversation.

        I would describe this as more Mediteranean than strictly an Italian restaurant.

        Dinner with 2 cocktails, wine = $151.00 not including tip, quite reasonable.

        I would recommend Verona and I will be returning soon.