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Mar 31, 2007 07:20 AM

ATL-between Atlanta and Augusta

This coming week, I'm traveling on MOnday between Atlanta and Augusta for the Master's, and am looking for great food advice for what's in between--particularly for a really early breakfast on Monday morning, and a dinner coming back from Augusta that evening. Ideas?

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  1. What price range? The Ritz at Reynold's Plantation has great dinner and breakfast food. There is also a well known buffet in Madison, whose name escapes me, that is supposed to be good

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    1. re: toddle

      I think toddle is referring to The Blue Willow Inn in Madison--about an hour outside of Atlanta on the way to Augusta--Its a southern-style buffet, and worth checking out if thats the sort of place you had in mind...the fried chicken is some of the BEST i have ever tasted-

      1. re: kellhall

        It's actually in Social Circle, a bit closer to Atlanta than Madison. Here's the website.