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Mar 31, 2007 06:58 AM

Looking for good sushi near West 48th Street

We have theater tickets for Grey Gardens and want to have sushi for dinner. I love Shimizu, but I was hoping for something closer, since one person has problems with walking. Has anyone been to Aoki? Saw that one on Menupages as being the closest Japanense restaurant. Any recs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. I think Sushi of Gari is close do need a reservation.

    1. I used to get takeout from Aoki for lunch when I worked down the street. It's fine--nothing too special or creative. I've never had it for dinner though. Sometimes the freshness of the fish suffers by dinnertime.

      They're very friendly though.

      I sort of remember the tables (or at least the booths) being low. That might be a problem for your guest who has trouble walking. Maybe someone who's been there more recently can speak to that.

      1. Iroha, on 49th just east of 7th, is not bad at all. simple rolls -- spicy tuna or yellowtail and different veggie ones -- are probably best, and the usuzukuri is tasty as well. there are usually a few specials that are worth a shot (had one with scallop and jalapeno the other day that was interesting) and the cooked food options, should you need 'em, are solid. wish they had a more interesting sake selection, and a slightly better decor, but for the price, it's a good option.

        1. We went to Aoki tonight and it was good. We ordered the seaweed salad which I thought was fine, just a little too cold. I would have preferred a little cooler than room temperature. Three rolls combo: shrimp tempura, dragon and boston and a sushi and sashimi plate and still being hungry yellowtail scallion roll and green tea ice cream. Sushi was fresh and rice was fine. Service and decor were good and we liked it. Will be back again.

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            Go to Sushi of Gari on 46th Street. Its wedged into Restaurant Row but its not a tourist trap like all the other places. I had one of the best sushi meals of my life there.