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Mar 31, 2007 06:56 AM

Half full in Carrboro

After three weeks of watching people come and go from Glass Halfull in Carrboro, a new wine bar, tapas, bar, wine shop, I decided to give it a try. Quick impression. Glass is half full. Not spilling at the brim, but not half empty either. Excellent atmosphere, good prices and decent selction of affordable wines. Food is uneven (latkes, asparagus dishes were uninspired; butternut squash dip, right on) and service is not up to snuff yet, still working on finding its mojo. Worth a second shot.

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  1. Glass Half Full has nice atmosphere, and not being a heavy drinker, I do like that you can order very small glasses of wine. I've been twice, once for lunch and once for dinner, and am not sure yet if I will be back. Dinner portions were small, and the restaurant serves little appetizer-like entrees that are tasty, but miniscule in size for the price (miso salmon with buckwheat noodles, butternut squash dip, etc though I have heard the menu will change seasonally). Lunch portions are more reasonable, and I did enjoy two of the dishes (the fries in truffle oil and the chocolate-covered dessert bread with sea salt) but for the price, I wasn't that impressed. If you're going to go, go to be social and enjoy the atmosphere and the alcohol, but not for the food.