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Sunday night is always a hard night for dining in Paris. As it will be our first night going out, I would like to have a great meal. We arrive on Saturday night late, so I am looking forward to enjoying a great meal on Sunday. Does anyone have a suggestion for a Sunday night restuarant? We are staying in the 7th, but are willing to travel for great food. The other restaurants we are thinking of are:
Taillevant for lunch, we reserved already
Le Petit Troquet been there twice before...love it.
Au Bon Acceuil also been twice and loved it
Chez Denise or Clovis
Le Timbre
Le Petit Pontoise
Would going for a big lunch be a better option on Sunday?
Any suggestions or comments welcomed!! Thanks Chowhounds.

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  1. This may help:

    Go to the Fooding web site http://lefooding.com/accueil.htm

    Click "Le Guide" (it is in yellow under the heading)

    Check the "manger" button (usually pre checked).

    Ignore the first box that says "nom, ville ou code postal"

    In the next box select "75 Paris" in the drop down menu that has "OK" next to it - don't press it yet.

    In the next box select "Bistrots et neo bistrots"

    Leave the next box at "tous les prix" unless you do want to select a price point.

    In the bottom drop down box select "Ouvert le Dimanche"

    Now click the red "OK" button.

    You then have a list of Bistro's open on Sunday. If you want more up-market choose "Trop Bon" instead of BIstro et neo Bistro, if you want wine bars choose "vin sur vin" and the best if you want trendy choose "voir et se faire voir" (to see and be seen).

    Click on the name of the restaurant and it brings up the details and the opening times. OK it is in French but it is accurate and pretty easy to understand. So for example Mon Viel Ami is open from noon (midi) to 2:00pm and from 7:00 pm to 10:00pm and is closed all day Monday and Tuesday. Or "La Table de Lancaster" which is open every day from 12:30am to 1:45pm (except Saturday and Sunday) and 7:30pm to 9:45pm (every day).

    The "Fooding" site is a well respected foodie site in France it tends to be quite selective in what they have on the site so can be relied upon to have good recommendations and is useful to check details.

    Happy clicking.

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      Hi PhilD,

      I stumbled upon chowhound.com while searching for various restaurants in Paris in google.com and I've enjoyed your advice and suggestions.

      My husband and I have decided to try the Parisienne life for 3 months and we have been living in 7eme for a month now. Philip (my husband) is also a foodie so we try to go to different places every time in the area and others. We enjoyed Le Bistrot du 7eme and au Dernier Metro (15eme). We like Carre des Feuillants and Guy Savoy but we also love exploring small brasseries or cafes with lunch menu as reasonable as E12-E15 but with quality food and lots of locals.

      Looking forward to more guidance from you. Cheers.

    2. Two come to mind-Le Partage, which I found to be a delightful spot with inventive cuisine:
      Senderens-with it's spectacular space and setting on Place de la Madeleine and perfectly executed food:

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      1. re: David W

        I second Senderens... he's amazing.

      2. Had the same problem with Sunday lunch and dinner when we were in Paris 6 weeks ago. In the seventh, Le Fontaine de Mars, a Constant fish brasserie which wasn't open as it was being remodeled but is open now and highly recommended for fish and Cafe de l'espanade in the 7th near Invalides, a Costas brasserie but better than most. Had pleasant lunch there. Neither restaurant will be up to the standards of Taillevant but are pleasant places on a Sunday.

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        1. re: An American Living in London

          Sorry must correct you. "La Fontaine de Mars" (129 rue St-Dominique) is not the Christian Constant Fish restaurant. Christian's restaurant is "Les Fables de la Fontaine" (131 rue St-Dominique).

          Le Fontaine has been closed for renovation and is a popular bistro with english speakers. It is quite a good safe option for classic French bistro cooking and has an English menu and fluent English speaking staff. As a consequence not so full of locals.

          Les Fables (just across the square) is a innovative fish restaurant that recently gained it's first Michelin star. Two sittings a night and often booked out a few weeks in advance. Usually more locals than anglos, and the tables are very close.

          Le Fontaine is open every day including Sunday (if the renovations are complete) and Les Fables is only open Tuesday to Saturday.

          1. re: PhilD

            I have eaten at Le Fontaine du Mars a couple of times, and they are my usual Sunday night restaurant as they are literally around the corner from my hotel. I thought they they were under renovations, and wouldn't be open for a couple of months. Anyone know when they would be reopening?

        2. I was just there in the beginning of March and we went to Le Comptoir for dinner. They don't take reservations on Sunday and if you go for either a late lunch or early dinner it should be easy to get into. We were seated promptly when we arrived at about 6.

          1. Pierre Gagnaire (3*) is open Sunday evening and it's renowned for its leading edge cuisine.

            1. I was just about to post on the same topic, but figured I'd do a search first. I hope to stay in the 4th (not that the place needs to be in the neighborhood) and am also looking for something great on a Sunday night. I'll be dining alone, if that makes any difference. I'd like someplace with very good food, but not stuffy, price is not an issue (hey, how often does one get to Paris, right?). I don't eat pork, so places that specialize in Alsacian food might not make sense, but I'd love to keep reading more recommendations. Thanks in advance!

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              1. re: LulusMom

                I am leaning towards Petit Pontoise for Sunday. but I am still open for any suggestions too. I think I have narrowed down the places I really want to go, but I have to eliminate a few, as I am only in Paris Saturday-Thursday. Arriving too late for dinner on Saturday and leaving before dinner on Thursday. I am going to post my list of restaurants and hopefully I will get feedback on which ones I HAVE TO KEEP!!! It is getting down to the wire, and I would like to reserve soon. I made my lunch reservation for Taillevent, the only question now is the 70 euro or the 140 euro lunch?? So here is goes my list I need to narrow down:
                Le Timbre
                Vin sur Vin
                Au Fil de Saisons
                La Maison du Jardin
                Chez L'Ami Jean
                Chez Denise
                PLEASE HELP!!!!

                1. re: kittykatkid

                  You HAVE to go to Au Fil de Saisons. The best meal we had when we were there last month. We also went to Taillevent and had a great time (the 70e meal) but the love in the food at Au Fil de Saisons just brought it to another level. The least favorite place for us (which isn't on your list) was Les Bouqenistes (sp).

                  1. re: Missmoo

                    I am leaning towards going there to have the 7 hour duck with foie gras. I love duck and I love foie gras so what could be better?? What did you have to eat when you were there?? I am thinking I HAVE try the food there and I HAVE try the food at Chez Denise. I am going to Le Petit Trquet for lunch Thursday before heading to the airport, I did the same thing last trip and it worked well since it is close to my hotel which is on Rue Cler. Any other places not to miss??

                    1. re: kittykatkid

                      Well we went twice. The first time I had the composed salad of avocado and shrimp which was very fresh and refreshing. My husband had the warm fois gras with sausage and lentils. Then I had the aforementioned duck and finished with a fruit crumble. All were excellent. It was a Monday night and the owner (Stephano) was also waiting tables. Then Tuesday we had our last meal there because it was just too good. My husband had the Onglet which he loved and I had pasta, both delicious. We also let Stephano pick out the wine both nights and although I can't remember the names they were both great. Hope that helps. I went to Le Petit Trouquet years ago and loved it, so it sounds like we might have similar tastes.

                      1. re: Missmoo

                        Hi Missmoo, Thanks for the input. I think we do have the same tastes. It is official, i am going to go to Au Fil des saisons for dinner or lunch. I willl decide and make the reservations. I think it will be Tuesday as Monday I am having lunch at Taillevent, and I am going to wing it for dinner cause I know I will not be up for another huge meal. We probably will go to Cafe du Marche, for something light and visit with our friends who work there and then walk to our hotel in a food coma from Taillevent. Heaven I'm in heaven just with anticipation of another visit to paris.

                        1. re: kittykatkid

                          Let me know what you think when you get back!

                          1. re: Missmoo

                            Will do, have you ever been to Mon Viel Ami, Cafe Moderne or Le Petit Marquery? And have you been to the Bastille Market or the Mouffetard Markets?? tahnks for helping!!

                            1. re: kittykatkid

                              None of those! I've been to the cafe at the D'orsay. A place that I loved called Au Vieux Paris d'Arcole (but I didn't go to this time because I read a lot of disparaging reviews online). Bistro Sancerre that I really wanted to go to (but didn't have time) 'cause they sell their own Sancerre and have great omlettes with salad for lunch. I had champagne at Cafe Marley by the Louvre which was very romantic, but again not necessary(in other words it seemed pricey). Oh, and my husband and I found a great place to have a bottle of wine with peanuts and olives but I don't know the name and would have to give you directions (it's on the way to Au Fils des Saisons). Le Comptoir was excellent Bistro food. There are some others that I would have to look for that I liked but can't remember the names of. Hope that helps!

              2. Hi Kittykatkid, This may not be what you're looking for (not a personal recommendation) but in doing some research on my own, I checked Zagat's site, and came up with this list of best food ratings/open Sunday:
                Le Bristol
                At. le Joel Robuchon
                L'ami Louis
                Tour d'Argent
                le Reminet
                Again, sorry if this isn't helpful, but I figured I'd throw it out to you, just in case. Let us know where you end up, and how everything was!

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                1. re: LulusMom

                  Hi Lulus mom, I like to use Zagat for researching restaurants, never thought about searching for specific Sunday restaurants. Is there a way to just bring up Sunday opened restaurants only??? I never thought of that. I think I am going to stick with Petit Pontoise, as a lot of chowhounds seem to really like it. I think I will spend Sunday in the Marias , shop at the Bastille market, then have a picinic lunch on the Pont des Arts bridge. Then have dinner at Petit Pontoise. When will you be in Paris?? I will be there May 5th -10th. Staying in the 7th, I love Paris, and can't wait to return.

                  1. re: kittykatkid

                    I won't be there for a couple of months, so you have to promise to write and tell us about every single bite. We'll be eating vicariously through you (and I'm right there with you on the duck/foie gras business). Yes, there is a way to search Zagat for places open on Sundays - its a little creaky finding it, but it is there. I love the Marais area - I'm currently looking to find a hotel there for my trip. I'll be in Glasgow while you're in Paris. Wonder who'll be eating better (kidding, no offense to the Scottish)?

                    1. re: LulusMom

                      I will write all the juicy details! I have been to Paris 5 times so I have a few favorites. I love Au Bon Accueil, Florimonds, Petit Troquet ,Le Viex Bistro and my standby Sunday nighter Fontain du Mars, but I heard it is closed for renovations?? As for Glasgow, I have never been to Scotland, but I have eaten at some great places in Ireland! Really good duck!!!