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Mar 30, 2007 09:03 PM

Casbah - Calgary

Just wanted to report on dinner at Casbah the other night. We went out with friends to celebrate two birthdays. We ended up with a group of 11. I called & made reservations at Casbah after finding out that Sultan's Tent is no more after the building they were in was torn down. Many of our friends work in outside sales so I always try to pick a restaurant a little more "off the beaten path" so that it isn't somewhere that they take customer all the time.

When we arrived, we were given the choice of one large table or a group of 6 small tables in the same "section". We chose the big table for a more intimate dinner. It really turned out great. The waiter talked us through the different Morrocan customs & what you would/would not see in a restaurant in Morroco. It really added to the dinner. We started with an appetizer sampler platter & everything was quite delicious. We then moved on to entrees. I had the chicken tajine with sweet potatoes, prunes & almonds in a honey sauce. It was divine! Everyone in the group seemed very happy with their meals. We finished with a couple of deserts (most everyone was too full to partake) and mint tea. Our table plowed through 5 bottles of different Morrocan wines that they import to serve. Mixed reviews on the wines, some were awesome & some were just so-so.

We only shared the restaurant with 3 other tables while we were there. It made it almost feel like we had the whole place to ourselves. We would not hesitate to go back to Casbah though it is more of a "special" dinner for us as opposed to somewhere where we would go often.

Thanks John Manzo for the idea to give Casbah a chance!

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  1. You're welcome! This sounds superb.

    1. Has anyone been to Casbah restaurant recently? Is it still good? We are looking for a new place to try for a group dinner and the menu at Casbah looks interesting.

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        I was there Saturday night with good friends. There were 4 of us, had a table in the back. I made a booking at 7pm, they weren't able to seat us until 7:20 or so - I would suggest booking earlier or later than 7pm. The service was friendly but not fast, which we expected: I purposefully picked Casbah because we wanted a place where we could relax and catch up, spend the evening. We all ordered from the mult-course set dinner, the food was tasty (soup, brics, choice of different preparations of couscous or tajines - I wasn't crazy about the dessert but didn't have much room left by then regardless) , the Moroccan beer was fine and hoppy, the setting of course was special.

        I would recommend Casbah if you have time to spend with people you want to talk to, because the multi-course set dinner takes at least a couple of hours.

        1. re: alley

          Thanks for your comment alley! Our group are planning to go on a Friday night so no rush. Just want to make sure that there are no issues with the quality of the food. It does look like a really cool space so I'm looking forward to it!